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Meanwhile, its assistance be arrested if you wrote a piece of fiction with us and be rejected for being so unbelievable, But this is where we are and in 2021 2020 was bad. 2020 ones just get started. Meanwhile, it looks like the filibuster Brian Darling has survived. Is that the case? There's not an official agreement or anything from Chuck Schumer, saying I won't try to get rid of the filibuster. But We've now had two Democrats come out and say We're not going to get rid of the filibuster. Right. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kristen Cinema of of Arizona. So to Democrats say we won't vote to get rid of the filibuster, meaning that the Democrats are going to be two votes short if they try and use the so called nuclear option to basically change roles. Without rewriting the rules. Just saying the rules don't mean what they say We're going to get rid of the filibuster because right now they're operating as if The filibuster doesn't exist for nominations, even though it does in the rules. If you read the rules, it's there. But basically, they just said we're gonna use a simple majority vote to change the way we interpret that so. The big question is, is what happens if Republicans end up having the filibuster. Something coming forward, whether you know immigration or gun control or any number of issues that could come up will that will that start the Democratic caucus? From cornering, cinema and mansion saying, Look, you know, we need you on this. We need to get these two issues across the finish line. You're gonna have to go with us and get rid of the filibuster or They try and push all of the controversial stuff into reconciliation, where they have very special and rules. Basically, it has toe spend money. It has to have something that has a Maura of Ah Budgetary impact and anything else to get it in into reconciliation so far, But does it really? I mean, if it has just a can gentle issue related to budgetary issues. The percentage parliamentarian will be asked is this supply to reckons? Is reconciliation apply here? They can say no. They can overrule the Senate parliamentarian, right? That's true. That's true. They could basically and what can happen is Democrats and say we're going to gym all are controversial stuff. The reconciliation that go to the parliamentarian. The parliamentary in says, Oh, no, You can't do that. It's not within reconciliation. They show great. We're going to do it anyways. We're gonna have a vote on it and you're not going to stop us, and they can do that. If they want to push everything over to reconciliation, it is possible to do What is the point of the Senate Parliament? Gary, He's like the referee and I wrap was that in her out on that was out clearly out and they go. Yeah, but still we're calling it in like there really is no point aside from Formalities and tradition to the Senate parliamentarian is there Yes, it's like having a referee in a basketball game where the ref makes a ruling in its advisory like it doesn't really hold any weight. I think he filed him. But if he doesn't want to take the free throws every year, you don't want it to have the free throws. We can overrule this. This is how our government works, right? I mean, this is how it's always been. It's just Most of these things have been in place for a very long time. They just weren't used or abused. Yeah, I mean, the big problem is we've had a huge breakdown between the parties. You and I worked in the Senate years ago. The members get along a little bit better. They fought a lot, but it wasn't like it is now. Now. It's very the dude's kind of siloed. I mean, the parties were Republicans. Democrats don't go hang out and have dinner together. Not really help that friends. They really fighting, though, do they really not get along? Or is it when the camera lights are on, and they know that their bases air watching they know what they have to do? Well, there's a little bit of that, but I think they don't have to interact as much as they used to. Because they just There is no real motivation for them. Especially when you have a 50 50 Senate They're really dug in. I mean, the closer When one party has just domination over the other party. They tend to get along better because the party that's non power knows. Look, we're just along for the ride. We're going to do our best to get along and get something done. But when you have it split as close as it is, and you know you could have a member of the Democratic Party just suddenly retired because of a scandal or passed away. Then all of a sudden the Senate's in the Republican back in the other or switch parties. If you get Joe Manchin, Brian Darling Liberty Government affairs were up against the clock. But thanks for letting me pick your brain today..

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