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To rewrite that scene to be maybe in like a pool and someone's backyard and they hop the fence is like no it has to be the lake because i also wanted to incorporate chicago itself director and i really wanted to showcase these different elements of chicago. And she's like khalid hundred daughters so people can die of stopping ridiculous. Nobody's gonna die. They have polar bear swin on and then the reason we cut out so fast of that scene is because if we held one frame longer were both running out of the water really. It's it's it's cold tacos fucking call. They don't call it the windy city. My gosh There's constantly stories out there about like actors directors producers who are losing their shit right. You seem like a very like down to earth person your complete and utter bitch. I don't know But like have you ever experienced that thing you looked at the moment and said like oh shit yeah people exist like this or have you been really lucky in this world because it feels like there's power hunger and like ego happening a lot in the world of acting and directing yeah and film festivals to film. Festivals are scary to me. Yeah no. I definitely experienced that And i think for me it just really depends on the situation in how i'm able to respond to it because sometimes i have to think like does this matter in house is really affecting me in. What is my goal here and my goal is to get the shot. Get to hello. Whatever it is that i'm trying to do in that moment and i'm somebody i have a really really good attitude and in pretty level headed until i'm not and then as soon as not the gloves come off and like i'm a fire. Breathing dragon really. But i really try and hold it together publicly so that like i've got that since the smile plastered on like how are you. I appreciate you thank you so much. This is great and like make it all about the team team team and then like privately. I'll just go and like have a moment. You know by myself or like our call my sister or my mom and just laid you know like screaming down on the phone and healthy. That's very like still process it but like be in society. Yeah yeah i definitely have my like meltdown moment. So a lot of like what you see goes mckenzie. I i understand that. We're just like michael. Douglas falling down the us. And when i was younger i didn't always my emotions as in check as they do now. But i've just done a lot of work myself to get there and know that like you can have those moments. But it's better if they're in private yeah. A friend of mine told me one time. And i was getting like really really annoyed by it and taking kind of personally And my friend told me she was like well. It's not the the the the people that disappoint you. It's your expectations of them. That do and so. I just now try and always kind of check. Whatever my expectations and not just expect every male person in the industry trying to fuck you gotcha. Yeah that's definitely expect that right. Yeah do you have. You had moments where people don't like. I had an all american really actually actually a background while he was totally back earnings like a featured extra who are not gonna name names But his his if he was in a sex addict group that these are going to be better. He's not in the sex adequate but he's outside of the sex out of group He was a featured extra and he's an older gentleman and at the end of the of the rap. We were running from one scene to the next. And i had to get out there and this is our our last day that we were shooting and this this thing that he's in it's it's a pretty significant scene and getting out of there to get to the next route which is an exterior and we're dealing with light and stuff. He and a few of the other like background feature background players. They asked if they could take a photo with me after a. Yeah sure no problem. And it was like three men and so he took a photo with them and they're all like oh thank you so much. This is such a wonderful experience in ukraine. Bob you the normal farewells. And in my mind. I'm like go gotta go but i'm you know i'm playing nice. You know take the photo. And i give all of them like a hug and this one guy. He reaches his hand under the jacket of my costume and he grabs my ass. And i'm not talking like a little like pat. I'm talking full hand cup. Grab my ass. And i walked away a normal. Like you would think that that moment you motherfucker. D- me and slapping and go into mackenzie mode and i actually went into the opposite. I sort of like the froze for a second. And i turned away. And i had this moment of. Did that just happen. Like did that. just happen. And i looked at him and he had this look like like it was just. I'll never forget because it was this moment of like this. This power play like you might have been like this and the scene in if i say like what it was in the scene. We'll give it away. But i got you here. Oh my and evil is really maniacal. Yeah i like turned around and my producer was there and she sought in her eyes bugging out of her head. But we both are in this moment of like if we caused a scene. We can't cause a scene because there's crew and everyone's moving around. There were so many moving parts transitioning between one the next we were also in in a space that has other businesses that were actually working and we had like the most finite amount of hours to get the final shot. That was an exterior and so we just had to go. It was his thing where she was like do batch yet. That just happened and yeah. It's almost hard to believe that stuff like that still does happen to turn. Yeah the high of the metoo conversation was like hey asshole. Are you not hearing the conversation that's happening and it did feel a little bit of like know 'cause it was my project is my my shoot. I am the writer director creator. Like and the actor in this show but it was almost his way of trying to take my power off. That is so. I just don't see the end game in that. I just don't see it like what what does he do. You think you're gonna look at him and go. You know what i'm down. Let's do this and then if you're going to be like the opposite would be like that's the most insulting thing ever right. So where's the win. Well it wasn't a sexual thing at all. It was a power plant and this was when we reported it to the The casting director background career faria people should know. Directors are not safe around this person. Yeah and there was like nothing we could do. I was like. Will you know there was no other way to report. It was like okay. Well noted and you take that seriously and that was like the last. I ever heard of it so then i of course goes like my friend always have a friend. She goes keep petty. Not prison keeps petty not prison so then when we were doing the credits i was like well. We should put in as i grabbed. Gerry i love it and the producer said no we really. I would love that. I was just like. But i'm obsessive. I was gonna say we are. But i'm pennies. I've been blocked from both girlfriends. Ex-girlfriends i'm not on facebook but then immediately like a casting directors like we're not the we the head casting director. He was part of like background. Cussing director but the head casting director. When i told her she. Of course like look up on facebook and right there in his bio. It's like chris. jan husband..

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