Bill Mcnab, Financial Markets, AGS discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia


Coast fly about another thing months of of rally before there was a real correction for that one so we don't take that as really being an immediate impact on knock it but what was actually very in there was uh i don't know if he's a big fan of on the bill mcnab whose databank outgrew i e i said i didn't uh re if he he's been mentioning that the the big thing that needs to be worried about at the moment easing back in a come from the sauna spice uh from these types of fiber some sort of slog or if he actually mention navy than we do agree with this very much as it's going to be something another a quick look would have to sign dna in them um and also the the wannacry attack this lonely and sweep of an egg coming up saying that uh financial markets and banks uh to have most cumin motivates in place to protect themselves from some sort of a sabra event the day now you don't know exactly what the kind of data we actually do agree that that it's going to be the beat i'm known event that yeah the biggest on the horizon and uh whatever happens up from from the ags and the called spices has begun one happens that's an interesting one hadn't heard that before um you know the mood was very good in the past few days and i even slipped into your notes uh that we would ask you about you know are we finally heading for a ten percent correction that every time we get a couple of percent blitz it just seems that investors come back to corporate earnings and global girls by hi it now quitting cause global growth is actually going on and it's actually taking place and it's something that needs to be needs to be looked at eventually we do heart the central bank's rubio stands act let companies tech out from uh from uh from the rise of the vehicles the cars on route okay james james we need us mandra vf s group of continue the discussion in a moment bringing doug christner for a full look at the markets still looks like some gains here although percentagewise much less than in the united states this is the the.

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