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To be alert. But this doesn't appear that this is a business, for example, a serial killer police are calling the death suspicious, and they're investigating them as crimes day say a road barrier probably saved a woman's life and a rollover crash early yesterday. And can't they arrived at the theater highway one sixty seven they found a Jeep SUV on it side against the barrier. The woman inside with seriously hurt, and she was trapped. Investigators still don't know what caused the crash, but they believe the women might have been distracted. They say the barrier. She hit it designed to absorb the impact of a crash, and that means it can prevent more serious injuries and even death. We'll home at treadmill can be a great way to kick off your resolution to work out more than new year. What many people never consider though are the danger surrounding them about twenty two thousand people end up in the emergency room every year injuries from treadmill accidents consumer reports said they have some tips for you. You shouldn't put the treadmill against the wall. Because if you fall, you can get wedged in between the machine and the wall do keep a couple of feet open, an either side and six feet open behind you. On the treadmill? Never let kids near the treadmill? Even when you're on it, and you can take the safety key out of it. When it's not being used be sure to hide it from your kids when you turn the machine on straddle the belt until it starts. They don't get knocked off the closure of the viaduct is almost here. And while it isn't for another week starting this Friday. There are some early closures that you should know about two ramps or closing Friday night, the Atlantic street off ramp to southbound ninety nine and the northbound Royal Brome on ramp right by the stadiums. It's thirty four minutes after the hour. Komo AAA traffic every ten minutes on the fours. No problems on the major arterials of freeways in king, Pierce, home kids, have counties but in Burlington just getting underway. I five north and southbound closed between Boho.

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