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Stole from racing blew a breakthrough in sports nutrition for horses. Welcome back to out of the gate. Let's throw up the field for the CO feature at Gulfstream Park on Saturday. It's the grade. Three one hundred fifty thousand dollar Marsha as river stakes mile and a sixteenth on the turf for fillies and mayors for expanded stakes previews of this in many of the other major stakes races all weekend long plus lots lots more head on over to video dot dot com or the daily racing form Youtube Channel. Oh third choice on the morning line Mike is the number seven. Munchkin money and New York Brady showed a lot of heart and determination winning first time for Christoph Clermont last time out really the only only closer in a race that featured speed speed speed and a good one in Mitchell road yeah maybe she was compromised last headmaster robots two to five and wired that fields. I did think Munchkin money finished pretty pretty gaily for third we have the replay that we can throw up there. She's GonNa come to the outside. Here's you're gonNA make ground all the way now. There's never a real point and the stretch here Dan. We're feels like she's going to win this this race but I'll give her a little extra credit for staying on gaming to the end. This was a nice performance for her. My main issue with her is this is kind of her best race eighty-six by or maybe she can get up to through an eighty nine. She's facing mares in this thick and regularly top ninety ninety one. She's going to have to run a little bit faster and she's going to need some help up front. Let's see you credible kaos-gl calc- likes in the Marshall is river. The MARSHA was river for me pretty much comes down to a two horse race it's a rematch from the forever forever together stakes six running back with duct between Dina. They'll sir and sweet by him by I in the sweet bye bye was the favourite but was run down and actually dropped back to finish. Finish third when Indiana. They'll serve in got up for the win. I think this is a case where the tables are turned in here. That wasn't a raceway at peace figures for it was is run over that new AC with duct outer turf course and there just wasn't enough data to make pace figures but the race flow kind of indicated that the rates really set up for horses coming from off the pace Sweet by and by that day as you'll see in the replay was pretty much wide the whole way around the track meet a premature move. My guess that would be the piece was on the hot side if anything just looking at where the horses finished that. We're up on the lead. She made that premature move. Made to Lee couldn't hold off the closers including clued Indiana del Sur and Theodore be. WHO's not in here Theodore be but I was really impressed with the race that day. I think she her speed figures. Here's our solid and here. They match up with Indiana. They'll surrey was as a matter of trip so my pick in this race is going to be sweet by and by five. We're GONNA play horizontal or or I should yeah horizontal wagers. I would include Indiana. They'll circus that wouldn't surprise me if she wins but given the results last time I think sweet by and buys offer a little bit more more value here. I'm going to cry on this one. I I like sweet by and by in this race more than anything else. It's just a situation where I feel like. She's a much better horse when they get her involved early on. I would just love to see Louis. I get very aggressive with this philly in this race and just put right up there either on or on the leader right up there on the pace on the outside. I'm putting some pressure onto. I don't want him reading this rated on our last two and I just don't think those are her best races I to respect sweet by and by speed but I also think the number two piece by a piece is going to show a little early ability in this spot maybe piece by piece can keep sweet by and by occupied enough to set things up for Andina del Sur. who took care air sweet by and by last time out? We saw that quick bursts of speed on the turn for her to take the lead and hold sway in the forever together. I think a similar trip is coming. I think she you can sit third or fourth and make a bold move turning into the stretch career form right now dean. Dull stir for trainer Tommy albertrani. She's my top pick in the marshes river. Let's say at Gulfstream with stay on the turf that stay or the tropical turf field for Saturday's tenth race at Gulfstream in Park. It's the grade three one hundred thousand dollar tropical turf stakes. We're going to mile on the weeds. The horse to beat is your morning line favorite Mike. That's the number eight a thread of blue. The sources already won a seven figure race in his career going gate to wire in the Saratoga Derby now now that's a key statement gate to wire because there's a lot of speed in this race and a threat of blues going to have to deal with those other speeds. I wonder if you can get the trip that he really wants in this race as it makes his four year old debut. You're off a little bit of a layoff. I mean he's obviously a talented horse. He's won some nice races. It's worth noting that he is graded stakes winner. At Gulfstream. Without deleting did win the Palm Beach last year from a stalking position. Maybe you can do it again. Dan you know we'll see what happens. The kind horse so I feel like in this situation on shore price. I might be willing to try to be criminal counts. Ski Agrees With You. Oh he feels there will be a big upfront. He's going with the closer. The great three tropical turf stakes drew a solid field at ten and the first thing that caught my was time time form. US pays for director predicted. It's going to be a fast pace That's not something that always guides every wager I make but it certainly something. I'd take a look at the if I agree with and the first thing that jumped out with me is that she was in here. The number four horse and one thing I've learned over the years are over there at least this past summer for sure and watching Gi to run for a while now is when he's in a row traits. It's almost a guarantee that the pace is going to be fast. We take a quick look at his past performances. He generally early makes the lead in those races. He didn't the one time two races back. But I I think it was Voodoo Song and another horse. We're in their voodoo songs. Basically the same thing as this Gu when it comes to pay him being entered almost ensures a fast pace and when both of them are for sure will be but in this case. There's any any other speeding here to force deduce hand. I'm not sure he could raid even if there wasn't so I'm really solid thinking that agreeing with the pace for decker that there will be a fast pace and looking at that the worst grabbed it gravitated towards was exalting. He's being ridden by top rated writer Rod Ortiz. He should fit perfect. Fit this horse like a glove in this situation and we're really caught my eye with this source a couple of things first. The speed figures are really solid for this field. I wouldn't say either particularly grade three level but I don't think this is the strongest greed. Three field you're going to see if you take a look at the time for. US class ratings. On the left side. Which I've circled? They're they're all in the twenties. And this reese actually gets a pre race race rating from us have only won seventeen so even though it looks like a step up in class from two of his three races he different agreed to last time. It's actually a pretty big dropping class so I'm willing to forgive that live race last time out. I thought Audie ramp pretty well. He he closed nice he just was against some better horses and Stover Guard an admission office. who were able to finish in front of them? But he was only two lengths behind mind. I think the pace setups really going to suit them. As I said and the clash drop and I think he is definitely the Horse to beaten tropical turf. I'M GONNA try the number two Murad in this race for maybe just off to pay. I liked it. The sources of adaptable as far as his tactical abilities go let's put up a replay of his most recent going back to September first here so it's a little bit of a layoff for him. This is the red bank. They put him up close to the pace in here. You see him get to a short lead right but he never has enough to to hold off to visit Darrow and despite he's going to settle for third all in all I thought he ran fine. But he's GonNa have to do a little better than that. I just liked the fact that there's a lot of pace case in this race and he's a horse who's shown that if they go fast in front of him he will sit and make a run from off the pace and I'm just hoping that Pokka Lopez that kind of a trip for him in this spot. I'M GONNA go with Craig Reagan here. I like Exalt and he's winless on turf but he's proven his mettle at the mile winning the two hundred and fifty thousand dollar Oaklawn Mile. I start off the Michael Maker claim and in in that last race the Fort Lauderdale arguably better horses. He was sort of covering up. Most of the trip never really got a clear chance in the lane and he was finishing on at the end with a a fast paced. Cutting back to this mile distance. I think it also going to set a very nicely for exalting six to one in the morning line. I think he gets bet down. But I think he's fair at around four Wartawan or nine to to David Aragon of time for us for his spotlight segment. This week is going to focus in on the say Florida. Sandy stakes the the feature race at Ecuador's for this week's time formulas Pollen Glenn or take a look at the eighth race on Saturday at acqueduct it's the same Florida's sandy stakes at seven furlongs furlongs on the dirt for the New York breads and pretty competitive field drawn here. Seven runners think you can make a solid case for about five of them. Let's begin by taking a look at the past performances of the morning. Line favorite favorite. That's the number three my boy. Tate's he's coming off a win and in New York stallion series race last time in November He got a sloppy track right over that day. He's a horse. That definitely likes so at track. He's four four over wet surfaces. He's fight over dry dirt titties likely to get a dry surface on Saturday at acqueduct. He obviously loves the seven furlong distance and I think he makes a lot a lot of sense if he takes any kind of step forward off his last race. It's just he doesn't have the kind of speed figures that's just as any major over this field and it's going to take money off that last race. I I think we can find some better value in here. Another horse it's likely to attract plenty of support. Is the number seven the caretaker. Now he's a horse that only to one fourteen time formula speaker offers victory last time at acqueduct going the seven furlong distance. But it's worth noting. He got a one twenty two final time figure that that's the number that would equate to the Beyer speed figure. Just based on the final time his number was downgraded though for the time form USB figure of one fourteen because he was closing into a slow pace that day anytime you see a slow slow pace in a sprint race is little easier to achieve a find a faster final time. 'cause conserve energy in the early going on the caretaker was penalized for that though. It's worth noting that he did pass has horses that were more Benefited by that slow paced. Because they were up on it where see came for doubt a couple of lengths off the pace. He ran really well last time regardless of any discussion about the speed figures and I think if he continues on trajectory. He's going to be tough. Here for Rudy Rodriguez. Just there's not a ton of pace in this race and I wonder if he's going to get that same kind of trip against tougher field old The number five t lips fight another one that I would consider. He'll be a slightly better price in here and I like his effort a lot last time in the graves end going..

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