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A weekly radio program hosted by the archdiocese of Baltimore airing each Sunday following the broadcast of the radio mass of Baltimore we are grateful to our Catholic radio partners for sharing with us some of the content in this program and for the opportunity to bring quality Catholic programming to the archdiocese of Baltimore every Sunday welcome to Catholic Baltimore George Madison digital editor for the archdiocese of Baltimore for decades the center for pregnancy concerns has provided women facing unplanned pregnancies the support they need to bring their babies into the world following the recent retirement of Carol clues the center's long time director Kita Rupert has taking over the leadership of the nonprofit organization Rupert a prisoner of sick at heart England Dan who previously worked for Catholic charities joins us today to talk about the work of the center for pregnancy concerns and its plans to open a new location right next to a Planned Parenthood facility in downtown Baltimore here's our interview with Gina Ripper Gina Rupert thanks for being on Catholic Baltimore thanks for having me the center for pregnancy concerns has been serving women and the Baltimore area for a long time could you tell us how it got started in with the mission is okay the center for pregnancy concerns was founded in nineteen eighty for the purpose of providing women facing unplanned pregnancy with a place to explore options in a non threatening and comfortable environment our mission is to protect the physical emotional and spiritual lives of women and their unborn children how I got started with C. P. C. through my own churches respect life group I belong to Sacred Heart church England in and about a little over fifteen years ago I organized a baby bottle campaign with the school children there and they continue to have an annual baby bottle campaign supporting si PC so that was really my first introduction to see PC and who are the women who.

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