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Here's trend Ericsson Enes inbound is a little slow from Peterson onto the Kennedy junction twenty two minutes in from lake cook and back outs nineteen in, clear Kennedy inbound forty minutes from O'Hare to downtown. And twenty two from the. Edens junction outbound side is just tend to get to Montross and then thirty out to O'Hare on the Eisenhower, inbound thirty seven minutes route three ninety two downtown twenty four. From Mannheim backout looks like thirty foot twelve twenty one. To Mannheim thirty four to route three ninety out of bed trip at all in bounce out of the Stevenson thirty six minutes in from, three fifty five to lakeshore drive twenty Six, of it is from the tri-state in from Cicero's thirteen minutes back out to three fifty. Five forty minutes right now the end Ryan inbound slow from thirty fifth in twenty eight minutes from ninety fifth downtown back outs. Twenty five minutes slow Garfield and ninety fifth there's a crash at seventy I there in the mix blocking the right lane so that's going, to increase that time a little bit soon of fifty seven's. No problem. V the Bishop Ford looking good lakeshore drive your normal delays northbound Stevenson through grand park in the navy Chicago and southbound north avenue to Chicago tri-state, is heavy Granville moral on the northbound side southbound. I ninety two the o-. Heroism that is because of roadwork going on ongoing stuff and we have northwest Indiana eastbound well we have eastbound, eighty four eighty ninety four make that heavy from the tri-state. To pass Klein and westbound jammed from ISIS thirty five. To Klein and then to three ninety four traffic is sponsored by the Berman auto group of five locations star Nissan Nissan Chicago Subaru Chicago, 0 Chicago and 0 Merville Shop. Now Ed Berman dot com get traffic and weather together on the eight. Every, ten, minutes on, NewsRadio, seventy, five, point nine FM AccuWeather says tonight mainly clear a low of sixty six. Mostly sunny and hot tomorrow. With a high around ninety. Much the same on Tuesday with a high again near ninety degrees eighty. Five now at O'Hare eighty seven midway Eighty-one in what Keegan he lakefront WBZ news time five twenty Our top story this hour among the. Hundreds of people protesting against white nationalist rallying in Washington tonight is a woman named Brenda Adrian who calls the..

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