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Welcome to episode sixty four of radio free endo the back batch reports where we catch a week by week of ninety nine and their escape from the newly formed collecting empire. I'm jamie your host and with me is my son. Christopher chris hi i'm really good. Thanks what you put up to. Recently i started reading at the star. Wars comex on marvel unlimited is not necessary got the lightest comics on. I the ones from two months ago. But it's got all of the ones on it since two thousand seventeen so if you don't mind not having the latest ones on that is actually a really good read. I'm it's only eight pound ninety nine a month or eight dollars ninety nine for me. Who's never read any of the comics. Yeah finally really interesting. This law of dog content in the comex walls. I'm i'm more familiar with the dark horse stall was coming at. They are basically what was what was out that before disney took over of course and then pulled it back. I've not read any of the doff. Ada wants any of the new republic. Ones all anyone of the rebels basically. Is that what. You're catching up on. I've read the fast to comex of high republic that's to comic series of daw. Fada the dolphins two thousand. Seventeen back his abou- soon as he becomes doll. Fado the star the the star of the empire on him in the suit. I'm reading that right now. And i've recently got up today on. Dolph asia twenty nineteen by. Actually it starts exactly after return of the djeddai. Not return jedi empire strikes back when luke has his scene with stoff on dolphins. Says i'm your father undone. Rt really recommend reading this colleague series because to put simply without saying the story line too much. Because it's actually some of the things that are in is actually really interesting. Is that soon as doll. obviously youths at cloud city he basically goes on this quest to find out who head from him who are the people that hid luke from him so he goes to nab boo. It goes to the He goes to a wing. He goes to the price where she gave birth to the twins muslim story. This isn't it Yeah mustefa only alicia goes to all these different planets. Oh my gosh is what reading if you do anything before the next episode. Read the doll fada comic of two thousand nineteen. Because i don't know how much smaller as you want. But that some real good things in that. Some things are kind of interesting. Yeah that's him. it's got a if i remember rightly it. He got like a design where you see fatal looking at the gravestone of pipe me. Not only that. He opens her grave. I'll take it once that necklace. Wow you don't deserve this. Wow no no just that. Wow does he open. Her grave is a contentious question. One of the questions asks because yes he does visit her grave. Visit snap boo. He visits or these places for example. What do you think happened to new after the empire while this comic tells you this is here and I can tell you yet going please. It's spoilers they become al-madani liens. They call themselves a rebel unit. Cool the armenians and that whole purpose is to find the saxon. The murderer who killed anikin skywalker and princess amidala. That's the whole point and it's got need sneed. Think princess all madonna's Body guarded in its characters from exit. One in got loads of like seriously without giving away too much because a lot of stuff in that. Yeah it's really worth reading off love to this. No i mean. I think i've only said stuff that's happened up to the head said comic and i think that's twelve how i can tell you something that happens in. The latest comic is off to He finds an excellent I've read via. yeah in. That's the doff. Ater issue eleven yet it's It's pissed the law people off that Back copycats so far because basically the comics so the moment trying to fill into to make the sequel trilogy would make not miss. 'cause how how it comes about how it comes about is not as you expected to come about. It is is once in. Because you know i've obviously read the where i've right up to Obviously spoilers bobby how much how happens but dolph. Ada finds the pathfinder to the one that is in the desktop supposedly. I'm putting the connection is the same one. But how does he come about it. Who tells him about it. Who can he trust you. Did the empire even tell him about x. Ago with these questions that that the comics will tell you and you can read up to episode ten in it on this mov will. Limited app is an ipod up or an iphone app on rejoice choice on android. I've read up to episode ten and that was obviously published february. Twenty twenty one. So i'm i'm going to wait until the next ones come out. Maybe i'll my bottom yet. The dolphins comic. Wow as we'll say. Wow a totally had some interesting things. And i also read the Landau comic the five. Come at five. Comic landau comic. Have you have a read that no no. I've not read any of these comics. Wow this comic is is a story about how About landau and low ball. I'm wind low butts like how low boy is in the empire strikes lack of why he why is like that and Yeah lasso good comic series. I what friday at Reading on the thing is it has got with the classic stuff on this model for limited as bil- Oval the pre cannon stuff while the legacy of now Yeah definitely worth reading. If if if there's one thing i can say is retail under comic and then reading the fada comex Because that's so so good and they.

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