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I could see that. It's I don't know. I one is awesome, second one when he's straight up lights guy in fire. Meaning you've talked about this. Yeah. He sure Joe, he kills people in that movie in vet man begins. He lates guy in fire with mobile. I don't remember during Christmas. No, you're talking about Batman returns. I'm sorry. I said McGinn. Yeah. I apologize man return return bet returns, nineteenth apologize. And I love them in return. I love to go back and watch. It's like that's that's cat woman right there in, Danny devito as the penguin, which is never. But he punches a hole in the floor of the batmobiles punches a hole in it. He does he does punch a hole in the floor to get the tracker of the bottom of. Yeah. You're right. So I know business directing I would agree with you, that these are awesomely bad. Yeah. I would agree because they are me and David had had a conversation about, like going back to rewatch those movies. And it's like that's hard to see I love them. I'm always going to rely. Why eighty nine Batman returns hold up is because of the style of the movies. Yeah, they can feel dated, because it was like the. Architecture lighting shooting. Timmy, wasn't like in this world. It was like a different world. Burton, took the dark Neri turns, and through in front of the writers said, I want this. Well, they didn't do very no job adapting that. Well, if you look at some of the original ones that the tall buildings in the story, arcs, not story, arcs. Well. Well, I guess you're kinda right to because the member of the cyberpunk villains. Yeah returns. Yes, I guess that was more Schumacher though. Well. Rulers really dark. The first two are supposed to be really, really dark, and they were it's such it is kind of a letdown. Eighty nine Batman at the very beginning. They have that really cool animated Batman. Yeah. And then, like the next when you see them in the suit, which is barely in. But when you see him in the it's just so stiff very stiff, he couldn't turn us, Ed. So number one, spine. No. I love this movie movies, awesome. You go back and look at it. I love it, too, but it is a poorly made really director's cut is has he cusses that's about the only difference? And he's a lot more with the Cape is okay. Cape in more capable chains. So you remember like CGI when we were at CT to we were talking to this lady in one of the booze about our pocket. She's like you guys need to do worse comic but movies. She's like, number one would be spawn, that it wasn't Erica. Then it was this lady idea was you're right. That was it. That's where I got the idea because I knew somebody had said something to us about it that next to us. And we're like, Nope, we walked away. She was cool though. Yes, she was because I remember walking away from her be like, I feel like we can hang out with her seemed really neat. But yeah, I don't. I don't agree that, that's the worst. As soon as she said that I was like, November when she said it was movie chance. Go back and watch the. HBO anime. Yes. Spawns. That all came from how became popular, he was a very miniscule quiet, little comic book over in the corner until it got that. Well, it was big combo culture. But when it got put on HBO on late night, it's when he is part of that blowing up was for more than just that, though the reasons where because of Tomek Farland was huge at the time because he was coming off of probably spider ban at the time he was very popular for that. But that's right, when image comics started one of their first titles, and it's only property that continued, and that image comics that whole revolution went super mainstream. Yeah. And that when spawn was like this center of that. And it's like I said, it's the only property that, that has continued from that, like, the original comics that came out with the start of image that comic book, just kept going, and they never changed anything just kept on being what it was right. Wasn't spawn and. Animated show. It wasn't originally on HBO. I think it was originally on MTV wasn't it? I think you're right. I think it's on HBO and I think it was on MTV. You are crowded in your and that's where that's what really made it go off. Because back in the NTV's heyday, it's a good show. You should definitely watch it. You got to be alright. Yeah. Yeah. Video killed the radio stores Kiara. Every everyday buddy, I did to sister, and I would go home and watch it like every day. People with cable sponsors, really good. I liked and have cable. I had to go to go to the Senate could kids. John Leguizamo was a good kid. He played a really good. We'll have to do. Ater Verma Nater. Yes. Speaking about, like he was really thought that that was going to be a huge thing when he did it, it turned out, it, just fucking bombed Michael bomb. Michael J white, white. Yeah. Dark knight. Who was the dark night? He was the guy that does the joker pushes us on a pencil. Oh, yeah. Oh, isn't that cute? But he Lambda said wasn't he came to life? Jokers gang cared him in a garbage bag on the pool table. He jumped up and stuck the knife into, but he was like the leader of he was being leading sitting at the table. Yeah. And then he told one of his guys go there. That's right. He was wanna see a metric. Yeah. That's right. He wasn't the actual person that got impaled on them. So he was in a -nother. He was he played another count. Character. Michael Jordan idea. Do you know what it was soldier? I don't know about that. What could he have played well he was first of all, he was in the moral combat movie. My remember that he played Jack's was he jacks. He was another chemical character. Can't remember? He was actually been to. Oh yeah, it was an arrow. He played the bronze tiger. Oh, I didn't see I haven't I haven't watched much. He was also in bad. Brave and bold, which is good animated Bamako. Yeah. Anyway. So do we have time to do what's in the box or we call it? It's we're at two hours and thirteen minutes. Dude, because go for its finish up. All right. Along episode box. You know, for as many people that complain, which nobody really complains about length is show anymore. I don't hear it much as much I think, everyone's just come to know that we're going to have long episodes, I think everybody around I heard a lot lately of half hours of your life is going to be over. So just listen, while you're doing doing something. I've heard a lot of people say man, I just wish it went on longer. Lately? No way, a lot of people have been complaining like just when I feel like you're getting into the groove the show ends. That's your feeling. You feel that way, every over right now we haven't been everytime, we quit then episode. You're just getting him on ruins what she got. This is a fun part for this is a big box. It's mortar. All I see a lot of sell thing. I feel like it's more fun for us on out of this covers. Holy carrot. This is what time frames it from Jerry. I dunno September two thousand fifteen. Ooh, that's the. The oldest one we had was hugging other seen thirteen or fourteen something like that. We got a DC bombshells. Yeah. I don't know why you ever got that because I love the art man, I don't know what that is. Chris, does it? Good. Well, it's all digital. I'm not digital arts. Good. Okay. Different artists. I don't want to take away from digital art. Because I just like the covers it just started. I don't collect that book anymore. But I really like here's a new one brand new one that we haven't had on the show before under woman that type we stand on guard. I have all of those, those are three Ryan cave on. That's a Brank Avon. I enjoy that book, if you don't know, Bryan cave on. He did a little book. We like to call why the last man yet injuries both number one picks for greatest Cowan and another, another small little property called saga, our number two pick both for greatest of all time, another little property called girls. People. Paper, girls, another topic we stay on guard given the snaps Jerry. That's a good one. So it's about the Canadian army that is fighting these robots whose create somebody created these robots, and they're starting take over the world basically, but the Canadian, it's all about Canadian army taking him back. There's kind of a political stance overture Americans are trying to get into Canada. Yeah, that's what it is. I think America created these. Robot Canada's like the last stand. And everybody's trying to get to Canada. It's a good book. I really enjoyed it. I like basically every single thing that Bryan cave on touches does talks about steps on. I don't care what he does. He could look at it. And I'll be like, well, that's a greatest thing ever created. Yeah. And by the way, are, are much anticipated why the last man show it's a lot of trouble. Is it? Oh, no. The creators writers of the show. The show runner quit. I believe that was going to affects right? Yes. FX he quit. And I'm guessing that's bad over creative differences, because I'm guessing they were trying to censor what he wanted to do. Because you can't put y the last man on network television. Sorry, even on facs and he'll be on HBO. Yeah. You really can't links or something, man that I mean, it's never good when the, when the show, runner, leaves because then basically fails and then you get something still being done, or shit is Brank Yvonne attached to that. I don't believe so okay. So then it'll be we got a daredevil number eighteen this is part of the Mark waid run. So this is definitely definitely, my favorite run of daredevil for a long, long time in probably in what, what would you say top two. Oh, say that again top to daredevil runs of all time, which was what I was looking at this book daredevil number eighteen the Mark Wade run. Oh, mark. Wade. Yeah. Absolutely. That's one of the best it is to me, it's probably the best. But the run I'm reading right now is probably gonna pass it up to be. Well, I mean there's a little. Called born again. Oh, no, no. I know that. But it's still really, really good run. Yeah. I don't consider like I don't think born again should be rated. I think it's just like that's daredevils. Yeah. You know what I mean? Like, that's the upper echelon of daredevil. And then you have everything that KMart way is completely different level. Yes, I understand. I'm just saying to me, there is daredevil, and then there's everything that came after. Yeah. Got dead pool versus Thanos number one rate here. I didn't never read it obviously so dead pool versus Thanos. I think that's a is that a real thing is that it's a mini series that was running for a while. How does dead pool slight thing I mean, we just saw what happens there, mostly comedy books. Jerry can break. Funny books literally deadpool standing in front and deadpool's turning towards you. And he says it was a joke marvel. We got Dr Who part four of five. Right there, four doctors. I guess that's capacity. Is that was year round in two thousand fifteen Elia? Okay. He, I think. Peter cappelli as they is that when he started must have been because he just finished up. All right. Number two. He says it was a joke. Marvel. It was a joke when I said, I wanted to fight Thanos running away. Everybody be careful with these collectors Batman, number forty four Scott Snyder. Oh my gosh..

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