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Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Marco Rubio discussed on All In with Chris Hayes


Who is another billionaire who lives not far from here chris embrace donald trump he he he has had a political trajectory win me he in the past sort of divided as donations he gave to democrats give republicans post obama he became a very kind of republican conservative figure he's given my your marco rubio into rob portman pat toomey jeff flake ted cruz ron johnson tim scott lisa murkowski he donated more than two million a republican campaigns party organs and interest groups since two thousand one including one point three million dollars earned see bundled senator john mccain's presidential campaign as well he is a big deal in the donor world of republican politics he's become bigger and bigger uh switch flipped with steve wynn shortly after obama was elected a chris i remember several conversations with him in which they became increasingly vitriolic about the president who i believe actually i think he voted for him i think his wife at the time lane win talk them into voting for obama but he had buyer's remorse almost immediately said he was creating the worst business climate in the history of the world and taught the affordable care act allows was the worst bill ever passed but it's gotten increasingly more and more intense in these become more and more republican sheldon adelson why mentioned earlier has always been a major republican donor he and steve wynn also did not like each other but bonded over obama and i think sheldon adelson helped get steve went into the major republican donor com but if i may kristof point that you made abundant being the republican national committee's finance chair now and all those pictures with donald trump with the things he said about donald trump it's not like the republican national committee like wynn resorts has a board of directors were they can vote steve went out of their job only one person can tell steve wynn that to be the republican finance chair anymore it's not the chairwoman of the rnc it's the guy had 16 hungry.

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Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Marco Rubio discussed on All In with Chris Hayes

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