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Nunn, CBS news. This is southern California's only twenty four hour, local news and traffic station. KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. Good evening. I'm Brian paying our top local, stories, etc. Five time is running out to avert a strike by LA, teachers and DWP continues to work on a big water main break near downtown LA these stories coming up, but first traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives. And here's Mark Brooks. We've got some heavy traffic into the valley four oh five northbound Culver city. You're gonna stay busy into the valley. A stalled car right about the mono one clearing from lanes did have the third lane from the left block. Looks like southbound still quite tough from the ten making your way down toward the ninety. And we've got a new problem in Westwood on surface streets. If you take Wilshire boulevard west of the four zero five getting word of an overturned vehicle in lanes. That's really starting to jam things up. So watch out for delays through there about veterans center in PICO Rivera, six five southbound at rose Hill's crash the big rig over to the shoulder. Up ahead carton fault also off to the right shoulder. And you've got problems cleared up in Silverlake on the. One one northbound at Silverlake boulevard that wreck is out of there. Still busy at a downtown. And it gets tough again before Sunset Boulevard into the valley. Southbound you're calling from Hollywood Boulevard into the downtown area and watch out mid city. Ten eastbound has Crenshaw there's a crash right lane taken away. Just adding to the jam up starting before the four oh five that stays with you pretty tough all the way into downtown and troubles on the ninety one eastbound gypsum canyon. They're clearing up an accident. It's been in the right lane of fast track in the left lane. The main line, and that's really slowing things down off of the fifty five. And now reports of a hit and run at imperial highway on that ninety one eastbound next report seven fifteen with more reports. More often, I'm Barbara Wrexham. The spectrum twenty four hour traffic center Canucks,.

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