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Not a question. So tell us everything would just this is the most was kind of a sister ship to captain von soco's. Captain was captain jugaris, but. Techrepublic into. It makes sense not supposed to leave any survivors who've seen what they shouldn't have seen general business. Follow. Oh. Underactive pirates. More or less would just say, we're not when king on the taxation enforcement at the concord and he sees so we do it. We feel as. This is. Freedom fighters. What would you said that your sister ship to captain Evonne avant coca squad leader. Tissue Squatty. Squall eater? Yes, Wally. It's. And and gesturing to the desk and all the papers. What's all this, then what was this that we can't read anymore. Primarily, it was not locations of things that were important from travels. Like. Like things that I, I wasn't the navigator I specifically, but I was just told to burn everything stuff you didn't get to do you rummage during a few and out of most of it's just like scrap an ass or blink sheets like they're, you know, scribbled notes and a code that you don't really understand. This is only. Right. Take care of him and pull out the book, and I begin to do the ritual for comprehend languages to see if that will help with the code long shot, but I'll give it a shot. Was the method you're trying to get. We were sent by onto to head back to Nick is similar supposed to wait for. We could to interface with this that guy marries anti. That he was going to pay us back for the money if you didn't get what he was supposed to find. And if he did have what he was supposed to live. One of the things I've done drawing. Thing. We're supposed to take that back to Venta. Where is. Fanta onto kazaa on them. Cold. Remember remember was cold. On that. That's, that's it right there. Is it a secret island store secret? It's just mostly avoided near one of the reef clusters city notion, the side of the coast and. You know these. Ritual Spadafore eleven minutes mending with help fix that or just make the piece of paper together. Call their lee-ing. All right. So you do the mending can trip and because they don't have a complete map before we use our imaginations. Completes a much larger piece of paper that you think would have a bunch of other either islands or the things around it. It looks like it may have been a much larger size. Unfortunately, the ink does not come through on it. We still have the ink of show the so the large piece of paper that is mostly blank. There's one section that is stained with burnt edges and has the actual drive it spread out blank from. That's cool. Tonight code was where you said there was a code. I thought Don't. coated. Some things with with bits of code language on it looked like, but it's both. Both of us have been burned there just in chunks. Okay. You're, I mean how it takes ten minutes to do comprehend languages. And if I'm touching casting Casting time. time. It is ten minutes plus one minute as ritual. So yeah, that is ritual. It's whatever the duration is casting time, one action plus ten minutes, action minutes. Okay. So that would be toilet minutes. Hardy. So while you're working on that. Pry if you want, if we drop you off, are you going to change your name or something? Are you afraid devante is going to come and kill year. I mean. Poletto for awhile this jobs out there more back docto eventually tell Tell us. us go next. All right. Tennis. She's Wade won her whole cruise. They've got some weird, mystical finger obsessed with. The ball is the ball was one of the things we're supposed to be picking up here. I've got some creepy religious thing. We mostly we work for. She hired us as sistership docto and we've been doing errands for her. Doc was that it's generally the the hub of most activity I used to belong to the Concorde, but about fifties back it was taking people of professional interests in. We'll take it back since you talking about a place island building. Swore soa, vein islands, can't reading. That's what we call. We were told him. So of I. The whole series of someone. Dark toes. Awesome. It doctors went on the far west of either. Say, why? Why? Why? Why crews could be little pointers..

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