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We were just with you on Sunday right back on a Thursday. We don't have a president yet and we don't need everyone's going to do so, there's just so much uncertainty here in the world. Welcome in Adam Kaufman, you know, Evan Valenti are always producers sometimes host. And of course Chris forsberg who we don't have all that often off. Because we don't like him we happen to love. Um, we just feel he's already got multiple podcast that he does over at NBC Sports Boston the guys probably tired of talking. How are you you've already told me like I'm over exposed and that hurt that hurt my feelings. I was like man, I used to be the go-to guy. I was like and I was laying low and now like no one calls anymore. I'm just hanging out in the base where my dog so, you know, like anytime I'm here registry me a shout anyone that's watching by the way versus listening the basement looks great. Great. Yeah looks like you're it's weird talking about here lately real definitely. Yeah that hoop next to them to overthrow right shoulder. It's it's it's it is actually regulation. It is just speculation. No funny story but nothing too much more chance, but when I was first planning this out, I wanted a basketball-themed back of people can't see if there's a box in front of me and maybe my mini-fridge next thing with loaded with drinks or soda and uses sure, you know, but for the for the hoop, I was going to take an old basketball hoop wage. Where the full-sized rim and put it up and then I actually went outside and grabbed an old hoop and realized like you forget how big a basketball hoop is like it would take up an enormous amount of this wall. And so we we we got the mini hoop and shouts to Amazon. I think I found it on there. Yeah looks pretty good. My kids would enjoy we still got the I mean, what is it like Little Tikes? Is that the brand maybe the took like five foot hope that fortunately my gas. You know that eight year old 5 year old and then the two-year-old is just kind of figuring it out right now, but he ate and five-year-old. It's just it's dunk contests in the basement every single day. We have one outside and it gets plenty of years. Whenever people are bored. I wish one of you as long as you've been dumped on yet by your kids your kids. Well I have but only because they make me play game on my knees when I'm going against excuses, huh?.

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