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The college storms were the six teens aged sixteen to eighteen had been staying their bags were packed and gone officers swept through dark constitution hall they were nowhere to be found police now say that two of the six were seen crossing into canada and they don't suspect foul play with any of them a member of the burundi american community says he has little doubt the teens are seeking asylum the we emphasized he had no direct knowledge of the situation police in dc posted missing person flyers wednesday asking for help to find the teens who had last been seen at the first global challenge a route the time of tuesday's final matches mira luke cabrera a spokeswoman for us citizenship and immigration services which receives asylum applications says the agency he does not comment on whether specific individuals have sought asylum canadian immigration authorities also declined to comment the competition designed to encourage youth to pursue careers in math and science attracted teams of teenagers from more than one hundred fifty nations it had i already been in the national spotlight thanks to a team of girls from afghanistan who were allowed to attend after president donald trump intervened on their behalf twice their visas had been rejected an afghan officials said the americans feared that they wouldn't go home competition organizers learn tuesday night that the burundi chaperon couldn't find his team i global president joe see stack a former congressman from pennsylvania made.

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