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Remind us what are the actual articles that people are going to be voting on so there's two articles one is abuse of power alleging that Donald trump put his own personal political interests above the national security interests of the nation the second is obstruction of Congress. Alleging that the president engaged in a scheme to defy the constitutional order and Defy Congress's the responsibility of oversight and at this point. Do we know for a fact that House Democrats have enough votes to be able to impeach the president on both of these charges charges. We do. We're not going into the day today with a lot of drama about how this is ultimately going to turn out so today the house is GonNa give them one at nine o'clock hassle me in order. The chair lays before the house of communication from the speaker were expecting some media procedural shenanigans from Republicans as protests. When you're the minority and the House of Representatives you don't have a huge number of tools at your disposal to make a point but we're expecting more than us a lot a lot of them? Today you can move to journ speaker so we can stop wasting time on appeasement. I moved at the House. Do now adjourn. Question is on the motion to adjourn. All in favor. Say Hi Noes the motion is not as we can disrupt members the days you you can bring them in to vote when they weren't expecting to vote. I think everyone is on a work that it's going to be that kind of day. And then there was a secondary vote on a privilege resolution resolution that was saying that the entire impeachment process was essentially out of order. I believe this is the most unfair politically biased highest rigged process. President trump for the record was not provided the opportunity to challenge the facts and still has not received. The materials from the judiciary is required. God by six sixty another example of why. This isn't a fair process with that. Both of those votes were knocked down by Democrats as expected. We're here to talk about the president's behavior of and that's what I think. We all should be focused on not just process but I want to just say that I'm proud of the process. Democrats and Republicans have had equal opportunity. You to participate in the months. Long impeachment inquiry members of start six hours of debate probably more procedural shenanigans sprinkled in that. This is all going to come to head this evening with votes on the two articles of impeachment and a resolution concerning the managers. That will probably happen anywhere. From seven o'clock to ten o'clock..

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