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App must be 21 years or older gambling problem. 1 800 gambling. All right. So speaking a few what is the thing you're going to miss the most about Mark View. And what is the thing you're going to miss the least from being conformed. I mean in the most there was so many things. I mean him and I had obviously you work with a guy for twenty-two years. So there was a lot of communication with no communication. If you need so we were able to to co-exist and I was able to serve him and and work for him. And obviously we had a great chemistry, you know, and and you know, I'm going to miss that cuz I thought we had a you know, it was a great one-two punch, you know, and and and I loved being the number two guy for him. But I mean be honest here Beyond not miss deal. I mean listen, it'll be really interesting to see his influences on me. The anonymous deal is at least now, I'm going to know what I have some control over the day-to-day schedule. I mean, you don't know how many times I've met at Gonzaga. We're practicing at 2:00. It's 159. My phone would ring and say hey to 7 a.m. For 20 minutes all those days and whatever a lot of those same so we'll see you by, you know mess with my staff on the schedule like he messed birth. I saw on a daily basis, but but it was all all fun. I mean, I'm I'm sad that you know, at least for now, you know, we won't be doing it together, but I'm thankful for the time. We had I'm thankful for him taking a chance on a nobody. I'm thankful for him preparing me for this opportunity. So for those who don't know a lot about you, what what what are they going to get in Tucson? What are they going to get? Cuz I tell people here's how I describe you is off your competitive as hell on the court. I've seen it with my own eyes. I've heard it but when you get you off the court and I even said this I texted you this Thursday, I think last night I said be loose be you cuz you and I think people will see that now when they when they watch this, but I don't think a lot of people see that from you when they're watching a game same thing with viewing like I don't think many.

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