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45, powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. Here's Jay Brooks, Mike 24 golfers so far on the links at the 85th Masters is the final round is upon US Japan today Key Matsuyama trying to become the first men's champion as the lead he's at 11 under good for a four shot lead over for others, including Xander Softly, who will be in the final group with him at 2 40 this after Nazi after one of their first game of the season, dropped four straight after a 95 loss. The Dodgers yesterday they'll try to avoid the broom today. Four 11th pitch in the serious finale. Is Max Yours or will face Clayton Kershaw. Those trying to avoid that broom as well as they lost yesterday to the Red Sox and 10 inning. 6 to 4 today wraps up the Syriza yards of one of five first pitch. Jorge Lopez throws for the owes. Where's saw their two game win streak. And in Phoenix last night, 1 34 1 Oh six. Game five of the six game road trip has the Wizards and Utah tomorrow they'll tip in nine o'clock caps on the Brewers tonight, seven o'clock face. Off Washington and first place in the Division B Tech vanish as eggs The in goal tonight and in NASCAR last night, the Blue Eve, you maximum pain relief 500. I knew you had it on your calendar. Mike started from Martinsville Speedway. But today at four the remainder of the race, which was postponed due to rain, now a night race, not race tonight during the final round of the Masters. All's I got to say is good luck with those ratings. NASCAR Jay Brooks. W T o P Sports That's gonna be a tough one. Thanks J just ahead on w t o P. What we know and don't know about why some people suffer with covert 19 symptoms much longer than others. That story just ahead. 12 17, For the ones.

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