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Ncua michael mcdowell still leads here at the world center racing with sixty six laps to go abroad that stenhouse in second kevin harvick alex bowman and jimmy johnson that's the front five and we're just talking about the fact that martin had worked his way up to the third spot just a couple of laps ago mike backley suddenly he's gone again he was in the heat of the battle and all of a sudden he pulled to the inside of the race track on the apron the entire field went by and once again martin extra drop sankar goes all the way to the back of the field and right now he is being shown twenty fifth but we still got a long way to go sixty five laps to go when the field comes by next time mcdowell stenhouse where did he come from rusty wallace he restarted back in fifty than just drove to the front and now rides in second just goes to show how aggressive he is ricky stenhouse i'm talking about at how fast a car he's got he's not being patient at all he just bob matthews field shook off with both don't bucket in first two incidents but he's doing a great job i'm taking a look as we just comment on that about morten true x look like he's back on again now he's going in their turn right verney you moody and he looks like he's a full song i've got a funny feeling i can't prove it but i got a funny feeling accuser took a little drive to the front of the pack to see exactly what he could and couldn't do and now it's just dropped to the back to chill out mike bagley right now he is third from the rear he is driving to the inside of a couple of cars and he has lost touch with the lead draft in the meantime that lead draft led by michael mcdowell headed back to the triumphal you know one thing we were talking about a little while ago guys to me they're all starting to look a little squirrelly ever docking back forth left and right every on the throttle i'm going oh man i think is gonna happen again and i think just about the time i we were thinking that mark true exall that he jumped out of the throttle went to the back a little bit of safe haven and then now he's back going but i don't think martin like what he was saying either let let's find out steve poster down there in this area true x was third from the front and then third from the back what's the story the story is precisely what you guys are talking about martin junior told us in our previous interview he hasn't finished the daytona race in a long long time and he felt good about the race car able to raise up there but right now preserved the race car we still have sixty four laps to go still have a pit stop there ain't no need to go out here and what that thing up he'd like to get a good finisher tonight at daytona sixty three to go in right now true running in the twentieth position the good news is that is fine and at some point through actual hit the go button and take that car up to the front of the field where michael mcdowell is again what a night it's been from michael mcdowell what a nightmare spent per ricky stenhouse junior they go one too but how about kevin harvick it has been a night full of adversity for kevin and he's not alone he's up there in the top five once again running third jimmy johnson still alive and well he's in the front five right now you've got daytona five hundred winner austin dillon's still at play he's running in the seventh position and then you've got some of the an experienced or younger drivers smaller race teams let's put it like that like chris butcher trevor bayne a couple of guys further back like aj allman thinker casey cain tied quite a few names on the list that are yes they're survivors for right now they're running just as fast as everybody up there in the top fifteen and running in that pack includes matt dementia detto and joey gay said jeffrey earnhardt and dj kennington yeah we're a long way from being over and a long way from being able to pick a winner and.

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