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Traffic and weather together on the tens. I'm Debbie Logica wtmj paella wi com Time Saver traffic. All right. Let's get it out to meteorologist Brian got her on this Friday afternoon. That son sure was nice today. Got her surprise. It's prayer, right? Love you too. WeII do. How about that, son? We love that too? No. Now we've got a few more clouds moving in. No. Could see some flurries overnight and heads up. It is gonna be cold tonight. We've got one more really cold night to get through. Single digits overnight. Wind chills is lowest 10 below heads up, So I know that we might be getting a little bit of snow over the weekend. Should we be worried about that? No, I wouldn't be worried about it. Saturday Looks great. Lots of sunshine 25. Not too much wind. So Saturday your plans air go. You're good Sunday, Though. Slight chance for snow in the morning. The chance for so actually looks a little better. Sunday afternoon into Sunday night. As of now, that could change a little bit. But just be mindful of your plans and being out on the roads on Sunday, Not a huge snow. As of right now looks like 1 to 3 inches of snow. It's gonna be kind of a heavy wet, you know, with a lot of moisture content, and then we warm up a little bit. It sounds like the early part of next week, huh? Even Sunday, not going to feel too bad as far as the temperatures go mid thirties, Sunday, mid thirties Monday. I went for it 40 on. Alright, Pencil it in. We hope you have a great weekend. Krystal. You guys to It is currently 19 degrees in Walkinshaw. It's 18 degrees with mostly clear skies in Milwaukee Sports with Greg is up next powered by Winegar compressor ready to service. Any facility 24 7 and pressure is off. That this Wisconsin's manufacturing industry has been the backbone of our economy since inspiring the state's model of forward in 18 51. Despite today's challenges, Wisconsin continues to push forward as a national leader, thanks in part to Whitaker compressor for 88 years, one of you has been servicing the air compressors found it so many world class Wisconsin manufacturers for new compressors. Winegar recommends LG, the only manufacturer offering a lifetime air and warranty and a 60 Day return policy. If you're not happy, it's why. Alice Tool five. Quarters. Trucking auto Wagner automotive, HDL, lubricants, Midwest and advising and conquer tool went with LG for their new compressors. Winegar has the most complete repair facility of any air center in Wisconsin or surrounding states and offers a complete.

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