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Million dollar tournament anyway four-corner sports and why. How likely or unlikely are we going to use to sixty two. Msg for november after the news that came out for new york city. Also if you're at unc. To sixty six doesn't happen. Nyc with other venues would fit perfectly. It has been verse. Covington to miami vegas or other hashtag the side. Ak how likely unlikely does uc touchdown in new york city in november. I mean i think it's possible. I i know so. My understanding is that they're you know they're just simply the mandate is like look. You gotta be double ax and you. I assume some sort of. I don't know how you handling proof in the united states. Some sort of proof of double vaccination before being allowed into indoor restaurants things like that and that's no no it's just a it's just a word back scout's honor scout's honor of double faxer. You cannot question. But either way i would. I would hope Again the most would be by. This'll be november. Probably a little optimistic. But yeah i i if i if if it's allowed i mean mass regard i'm sure they can implement some sort of please be double vaccinated staff vaccinated all the fighters coaches. Everyone must be vaccinated. So it's possible. It's the issue definitely of the partial. They might also decide while we still only have partial capacity. And that's where we run into the problem with dana white. Who has said. I'm not doing partial capacity to venues. It sold out all the way. So if there's even the slightest chance that there's an extra bit of safety protocol from madison square garden. Or from you know the the From new york city. You're not going to see you see to sixty eight man's gardening so it's just not gonna happen to you so I like suggestion. They're definitely florida. The paradise that dana white has has declared florida to be. It's probably where where where they would habitat for the covington factor sent news on some. I guess enemy territory comes in place in florida right like i mean he's popular still there right. Yeah who's who's miniature. Turn the florida too. And he just knocked hard mazda florida. So i don't think problem with their Florida's numbers are looking horrendous. Though real bad really bad. So i don't know i don't know florida's possible you think. Kobe covington is gonna wanna fight in an arena if people are being forced to be vaccinated is on tells me he's not that was my thought to even if the ufc could make msg work. It would be a kind of a dana moved to just pull out of new york city as protest. You know i could see that's happening. I mean we've already seen a handful of fighters including bantamweight champions tweet about this. Which was alarming. I think a lot of he and he was like i. Don't get people that arguing twitter on general using arguing with a lot of people like ten fifteen dollars. Stop it you. Republicans to the best. It happens to her. I put my. I can't do it. I can't do it anyway. miami vegas or other arizona's possibility doesn't seem like we care about any of this happening over here taxes. Maybe i know he wants to go to texas a bunch. I would assume vegas or texas though vegas. You have to wear masks now from what i hear or yeah you have to at least wear the mask. I don't know how they're handling vaccines and stuff. When i heard because i haven't been back to vegas in a bit is. The media has to wear masks again like even if you are vaccinated you have to wear masks. Even backstays frozen. Can you hear me. Yeah okay video district. Yeah mcdonalds mcdonalds. I can't. I couldn't sell if you're deep in thought. Yeah not other videos pilot choppier. Hopefully values come through anyway. We got a few quite a few comments from the previous question. Let's go if they come up champion's championship clause three fights for aj source. My with mickey. So they go questions. Asks answers received. What does that. what does that mean. What does that mean championship clause like so you might extend your fight three year contracts. So question asks view. Okay okay so it's like starting from when he wanted you're saying that he didn't. He now owes them three fights. Okay hey jimmy. Mckee versus concord mcgregor. Mike donahue is but if you're thinking of conor mcgregor wrong way class unless agent wants to one fifty five which i know he definitely does. Some people are saying there's a lot of people though names out for aj mckee but they're all pretty much what he said like aj versus max age versus this anyway. Moving on tavist mckean give mcgregor this point at this point conchords. A goner concord. Greg gregor does not santa chancing. Just your opinions. What are some of the worst papers. Ds's ever put on this week question this week. Features an interim heavyweight title fight. No one asks for. When we could be receiving john jones versus francis g francis. His first name begins with an an and gone and francis also. Okay that's fair. Also francis and the brain heavyweight champion the world he would get top billing not john john's anyway worse paper views. How's that you can go for it. Yeah this on is a one forty. Nine was at the calgary. One that i was i was there was real bad is a fan. I believe once. I'm also really bad. One forty nine was just decimated by injuries. And like every i think only one fight had its original one main main card fight had its original was the original fight and now a congo versus. I can't even remember in even after chicago is like i was hurt. I should've pulled out because it was. It was a bad fight he just. It was a bad heavyweight fight. I should've pulled out. But he didn't want to because everyone was. How does that stretch of time. Where like everyone got hurt. Your favorite was supposed to fight dominant crews at uc one. Forty eight in like the big rivalry and use one. Forty eight was anderson's delivers jail son. In two which was gonna be the biggest pay per view ever at the time. And they were..

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