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At yell wa tweets tell hawk not to sweat this marathon Romi where there's a will. There's a way a subway yours. Rosie ruiz. Sure how she did it. But this unknown runner came out of nowhere. Head of all the other women. I just saw someone stumble out of the crowd in front of me across the street. Probably going to have. She's in track clothes and wearing a number. But I thought someone had stumbled into the race. Maybe. Crazy or something. What nobody knew yet is that six months before Rosie allegedly took the subway to the finish line of the New York marathon. So this was actually her second ruse. Folded on bed mistake was coming in. I the media rest as soon it became apparent. She was not so great in pasta. The women's winner in the Boston marathon with a time of two thirty one and change. No. We don't know how many seconds that is it. Maybe a new American record. Have you been doing a lot of heavy intervals? Someone else has been intervals. What are they? Oh, she did. I have no idea. What intervals are. You mean taking the subway for long periods of time and then coming out of the bushes and putting on a bib and running across the finish line. Walk around like. Yep. I won. I won got done in New York. And then got it done the next year in Boston. I mean like, I always save if you're not cheating. You're not trying. It's only chief you get caught. And how they you think that was going to work. She didn't even know what intervals for. Hey, hot be careful when you cheat in a month. Be careful be careful. I'm not saying don't cheat. I'm saying don't get caught. And if they ask you if you've been doing a lot of heavy intervals have an answer to the question, at least, an interval is she famously did sheet in seventy nine at the New York City marathon, and in one thousand nine hundred eighty in the Boston marathon, she took a subway to the finish line like, whoa. Damn where did she come from? Look at look at those splits. Rosy. Why don't you start the start of the race in the pack in your car? Or if you don't want to be so conspicuous one not start in that pack, our motorcycle and just drive. The course. She took a subway to the finish line because nobody was going to see that. Nobody would have known. Like that guy said yes, or no it's like somebody just stumbled out of the crowd with a biblical on a number on. I thought they were crazy, right? That'd be awesome market, just like Washington marathon and right around the twenty four and a half mile, Mark. I could just stumble onto the track in the lead. Nobody would know. I mean, I'm breaking a sweat damn Rome. You look pretty good, man. I not you. And that kind of shaped up peleton's being good for you look at you running four miles a mild twenty five came out of the crowd near the finish line in the Boston marathon. Oh, so close. Rosie almost Rosie. It almost worked. She's lucky sheeting glossed. Just cheating in the marathon is not as bad as cheating and golf, especially in that club in South Africa. That guy did get lost with a handful..

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