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Him to be like you know thirteen and three right. Now you would. Y'all you'd like it. If you had a record i would. Okay okay would that. That's that's the hard hitting advice people are here. Thank you i appreciate. That may do too. But yeah i mean he's been amazing. I'm hoping that this isn't super serious. Or arm inflammation. I didn't say that at the outset there Looks like feels like a caution type thing we hope. Maybe i'm maybe i'm trying to convince myself that that's what it is. Maybe some load management too. Because he's already got injured by the caution. Yeah there And that way he gets this week off at the front end gets the all star week off. Maybe another week after that and then just play. The problem is unlike previous years. They're not backloaded with guys that just fill in and they don't miss a beat in previous years. Somebody like tony gosselin. Or i won't say trevor may or a dust in may would like enter the rotation and maybe for that three weeks pitch even better than than than kershaw. Somehow they don't have that right now. It's kind of funny just the way it's working on. Ross resource they have a three man rotation bueller gone. They're running bullpen games. Dench way yeah right. Price is going to pitched three innings in his next quote unquote start. They got filled. Bickford edwin. You said to. I've got like a seventy four man. Bullpen right now correct correct. So that's how they're going to run it Are you so you are on the less worried side with kershaw thinking that this is more precautionary than potential disaster. Yeah i think so though. I mean my my heart is just palpably dating but i think that's more just how much i have personally invested him. I think this is this. Is the dodger like the dodger. Itis type stuff that they're gonna kind of just beat you know. Be careful certain guys. They're planning for the playoffs. They they're they care about october november More than the regular season there You know they're wondering a game and a half back on the on the giants they expect the pass. The giants at some point lockup this division some point in august so i think I think yeah this is probably just being careful In maybe it is a little bit of something. But i don't think i mean he's been so durable in terms of serious injuries that i think it'd be island that i don't think it's like absolutely nothing but i'm not panicked right now especially the timing of it and maybe i'm just convincing myself but i i'm to at least wait and see before i panic and obviously we're not cutting or anything like that. So it's not actionable Does anybody like mitch. White earn edwin. You said to appeal to you in any way where where a you know. Two to four inning guy would be useful or do you not care. I mean if you could tell me exactly who is going to be the bulk guy and who is gonna be the quote unquote like opener. You'll get screwed by that with makino hamas saying how much i love those middle guys in my and league. I got a two inning. Start yesterday from the q. Dang it such an unknown. I think if you like if you're playing dfs or if you're in a daily moves league where like dearly pickups league where you can pick up a guy knowing that okay. You know David price is going to start three innings and mitch white is going to be the guy coming in next then. Yeah maybe i'll go after mitch white you'll be super cheap indiana's or or you know easy to kind of stream off of The waiver wire but In in your kind of traditional weekly moves leagues. They're not. I don't wanna play around with those kind of games as much so to stay on the dodgers for a moment gone. Looks like he's getting back on track. You'll be buying in on him right now. I don't think he's on waiver wires but check you never know i think he walked five pirates. That might have been enough to discussed somebody in the cut. That was his first outing. I'm kidding i don't think that happened but He was having major walk issues. And then he had the gem here against miami Just again just make sure. But i doubt he's available so he's back on track in the fact that he only has twenty one innings. I think he's going to be a big innings guy for them to get to the finish line. My question is how many are innings is hose. Who you'll ris is going to get this year. He has ninety nine already. How many more does he have left in the tank. Do they give them an eight eighty spot and get them to like one eighty. Is it more like sixty. Where do you come out on reassess workload the rest of the way because they've always had the kid gloves on with him He this is a career high right now in the majors ninety nine innings so far so every inning he pitches is a new. Mlb high for him. How many does the twenty four year old lefty get down the stretch. Here i eighty to ninety. I mean we have to remember like he threw fifty five innings in the regular season but he threw twenty three innings in the postseason. You can count. Those is like one point five to two x and what they you know what they're doing to you and they don't like you kind of mentioned before like they don't have the depth to not kind of roll him out there fairly regularly. I mean he'll guess what. I think the occasional skip or maybe they'll be a fanta my elston at some point but i don't think that they're going to necessarily like completely limit him I think he's going to be just as valuable as he's been unless they go. Get like three starters. Which i am concerned about i. If i'm banking on to get you know at least seventy five innings the rest of the which. I think he will i. I agree. I kind of felt coming into the year that this was the heir to take. Take the reins off a little. Bit with the rius. Let's see where he's at. He's supposed to be a potential ace. Can he do it within reason. Obviously don't want to burn them into the ground and then october. He's not there especially for his instrumentalists. He was last october So yeah we'll see how that goes with him and where they do what they do with the trades they trade it for at least two starting arms. What about prospect. Joe ziya gray though. Are you keeping any any tabs on him. He's twenty three years old at aaa right now..

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