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The mayor and the superintendent of police, David Brown. Meanwhile, tomorrow protesters were planning to March on the Dan Ryan Expressway. They are protesting police brutality. The march will start at 47th Street at about known and proceed north. We don't know right now, exactly how many lanes Of the Dan Ryan are going to be closed. Wools news time for 32 daily zeitgeist is a podcast from the world's smartest, funniest comics and writers get you caught up on the day's news without grinding you down twice a day they discuss all you need to know without crushing your soul. Listen to the daily Zeitgeist wherever you listen to podcasts, inbound Eden's Lake Cook Road to the Junction, £24.22. Kennedy informal here, 48 out on 46. Eisenhower, inbound from Thorndale, 56. Outbound 41. Stevenson inbound from 3 55 44 with a crash at Le Grange Road, Outbound it's a 41 minute trip. Dan Ryan from 95th 16. Outbound is 23 big problems on the tristate South. I'm jammed between the fence and Bill Bridge and Ogden. Uh, there's a car fire south bound on the tristate at your North Avenue North bound tri state jammed between the Reagan end North Avenue that is traffic from the Wools Am 90 traffic center. I'm John Dempsey. 8 90 Wools News. I'm attorney. Let's say you're a Democrat, and you might be if you're willing to learn and know the truth. You come here. If you want to be lied to all day long, then you turned up CNN. It's Chris plants from 9 a.m. To this guy. Barack Obama is out there fuming that trumped out a little rock. Once.

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