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Next week. The winners will get $1.5 million each part of California's plan to spend $116 million to convince Californians to get the shot. Alex Stone ABC News for KGO 8 10 Caltrain says the electrification of its rail system has been delayed until late 2024. In part because of supply change chain disruptions caused by the pandemic. Unforeseen conditions under Cal trains, tracks and complications, and the installation of signal systems also contributed to the delay. This delay adds almost two years to the electrification efforts, which were supposed to be done next year. Two CHP officers have been credited with saving the life of a woman who threatened to jump off the Bay Bridge this morning, Officials say. One officer grabbed the woman as she tried to leap off the outer edge of the build bridge railing east of Fremont Street. They struggled until another officer and some drivers got out of their cars to help. The woman was taken to a hospital for treatment. Let's get a look at your drive. Now on this Friday afternoon, is sponsored by Juniper Networks. Heather has her eyes on San Jose. In fast and furious crashes that is to the Children. Auto Body Traffic desk, an injury one for San Jose in the two left lanes, a motorcycle down south one, A one at age 80 traffic is backing up to Brokaw Road, though there is a slow stretch from the Lawrence Expressway to the Guadalupe Parkway as well north at 80, north of Alvarado Boulevard that injury accidents on the shoulder. Now traffic's backed up to Maori avenues. Stop. Pickup truck has been cleared in Pleasanton, but man it made an extra heavy over the Dublin grid grade. Starting in Castro Valley at Redwood Injury rack for the shore, West 80 Wester Gilman backed up on the East 5 80 West 5 80 connecting the north. One of one's extra heavy because of an issue at the central Sandra fell off ramp. In fact, North 11 slows into stretches from Tiburon Boulevard up to Central Sandra fell out of the city jam packed from before Caesar shadows to the Bay Bridge. Cos. For me to zoom run on juniper networks with the ability to handle all that video traffic from your six a.m. with London to dinnertime chats with Mom. It's no wonder the fastest growing companies trust juniper from data centers to WiFi driven by a I get results at juniper dot net.

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