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Here's what I'm also really excited about. I have been creating An entire series on trauma that is too personal to private too sensitive too vulnerable for me to be sharing with the whole fucking world. I am creating a series of content. That is not for public consumption. Not For being open to haters and people who are criticizing what? I'm going when I'm doing and this this started as one simple podcast and it flowed out of me. It was like a cup runneth over I started talking about it and then I just kept talking about it. I talked about it on video. I talked about it in audio recordings. I just kept talking about the trauma that I have experienced. And what affects that has had on me and what new medications have been invented to fix repair. The brain see when experience trauma or violence or depression or anxiety or a head injury or whatever it grief there are these things in your brain called glued means and they connect the neuro transmitters in your brain an SS ro is work only temporarily and they only work while you're taking the medication and they only work on. Sri's they repair nothing but now we have special medications that have finally been. Fda approved the first things that ever been approved that actually correct your brain damage. Correct the gluten mean that `attaches these neuro transmitters it repairs and I'm sharing my experiences of those medications and I don't care to share that these some of these experiences with the whole world there are certain things. I am happy to talk in general public about but there are other things that no. I've been doing this a long time. I've been I've been Publicly speaking about many things personal in my life since two thousand and seven I've created so much content I've published three books about some of these Things but you know what I haven't done is mark those books because it's just too vulnerable. It's V to raw it's too many effects and I'm too scared. And it just recently has occurred to me that being afraid of haters and criticism is so fucking valid that. I should not say myself for that and Patriot. Fan gives me a safe space where I can share that with you and where you can say me to. That happened to me too at. I WANNA share a little bit of what I'm going through and this gives me a safe space where I can do that where I can release deeper longer contents where we can have a deeper longer conversation where we can have a more authentic and real and safe conversation. I want to give you some of the questions that are in one hundred things so that you get an idea of the hundred things that you have done are so much more important than you think they are. You've overlooked some of them. You have not given yourself the credit that you deserve. What are you really proud of about this year? What unexpected gifts did the universe? Send your way. Who Have you loved? Who has loved you? What have you healed? How did you rest? How did you play? Where did God showed up in your life? What have you released? When did you feel joy? In what part of Your Life Are you completely content?.

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