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Oh all right all right all right all right all right okay okay i tried to think alcohol and ghost bayside the mall and my brother was like stop with alcohol and i was like okay it was idea that's so casper i tried and i was like cassie like i tried it but just junie just june it just like worked better and someone had suggested on the facebook group like oh when you were reading geos go scope you said oh scorpio jupiter's in your house this this month and someone was like why is she not naming the cat jupiter jupiter is in your house and help you adjust to new circumstances and i was like that's fucking perfect so jupiter but juniper but then i was like juniper easier nickname he cute and i've always liked the name june all right jimmy and also emanate were born in june so so it's still a little narcissistic flare little wjm little q jupiter juniper june same thing junie junie b jones the book yet the best book except amelia padillia well we won't talk it we're never gonna stop otherwise the most advanced book i ever read oh really you are able to read it i wasn't even half way oh that's amazing anyway and cosby okay let's talk about bill cosby bill cosby was convicted to your on all counts clink yep congratulations were happy you're gone goodbye get out get out also new kitten what else do i have an alka tries oh shit kansas christ guys this is such a long up so she we just bring that up next week should we we'll bring up trust next week is we're gonna talk about alcatraz next week because his way too long already which means christine and i can't talk about the one thing i've desperately wanna talk about her for another week sorry it's fine it's fine i just want to add before we get onto this shit is that wine and crime are episode comes out this tuesday.

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