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That's the that's the coldest most ruthless thing. I think i have ever read. And he'll see the bill on the screen William pitt recuperate comes back into comments and tries to tell Rather the house of lords tries to tell them to please. We've gotta get the troops out of boston. We gotta we gotta make peace with these people. We've got to be reasonable. And he was virtually shouted out. And you'll see a wonderful illustration in the film owned by dear friend of mine In atlanta georgia. Who you'll see william pitt and on this table in front of pit in. This painting is a map of north america and a bill to remove the troops from boston. Oh that's cool the cool. Can we see that. Well you know. lord dartmouth the Military overseer in the administration in britain told gauge. That he should arrest all those wig leaders. He should confiscate their weapons and invoke martial law and gauge on september. One seventeen seventy four sent two hundred sixty british soldiers fourth regiment of foot to charlestown to see two hundred fifty barrels of gunpowder over there and two artillery pieces Will you believe you see setting up the alarm around around all those counties around boston. That did it did it. They gonna keep their stores in boston anymore. No no people were arming And then he has his agents of of general gage governor gage reported to him that there's a large stash of weapons in concord massachusetts just beyond lexington and gauge then turns to his troops there and on the eighteenth of april seventeen seventy five to wrecks that eight companies of light infantry eight companies of grenadiers of no fewer than nine regiments of foot gather across the back bay of boston and then march from cambridge to lexington from washington to concord to seize those weapons and of course. Here's where margaret kemble gage pulls dr Joseph warren aside and tells him they're going to march To concord and warren sends the notice out to all the sons of liberty. The question that the colonists have is how are they going to get to cambridge..

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