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Some latest on the the the politicians in South Carolina and all that business to go over what else do we have what we anyway it's a lot of a lot of different things but I want to start back in my old neighborhood back in northern California where that's the big story today is this some Asian who has come down with the corona virus and they are now Colleen it's the first case of community spreading so the community spreading part of it is not the words they're saying that the it's a she we know that we don't have a name but we have a sheet I all I know who were using pronouns I know I know don't get mad at me we have a day who has contracted the corona virus they have not traveled to any regions hit by the outbreak they have not come into contact with anyone known to have the infection so they're saying this is the first where it is spreading with in the community so what what I want to tell you about because there's more to this story in the headlines I don't know if you if you take this kind of news is this is nothing but the media spreading panic by the way let me start with love but me back up just a minute before we get into this last night the the president was speaking supposedly right after we got off the hook and plenty thirty minutes to get going but anyway around six thirty last night here's a president one hour taken questions about any of that but every from every reporter all but one were on the coronavirus and I told you before you start I said I don't know this is a no win situation because I get emails and I get tweets from people to go you're just trying to scare people and others ago you're not taking it seriously enough you need to be more so I do you there's no way to win when you have something like this this is one of those stories where some people are are scared to death and others are shrugging their shoulders so I try to play it down the middle just give me the facts ma'am but it doesn't it it doesn't seem to work so I think you know I too I've worn last I saw the president's going to come out I don't know what he's going to say but he's going to be ripped up one side and on the other A. because you Donald Trump and be because of the topic well I don't know how you felt about it I'd listened to it on the radio I was not in front of a TV I thought it came across really well I thought it was just the right tone were ready for anything don't panic there's fifteen people that number may grow may not I don't know well we've got all these medical professionals here to do work on this thing we're ready for it we will jump on it we got the best people on our own so I thought it was what presidents are supposed to do is be positive don't panic the the citizens of the country the upbeat about things as best as you possibly can but be realistic so I signed and you know me I'm no trump saying fat but I thought that was well done and I was shocked that it wasn't on a teleprompter because teleprompters he gets out of somebody's written the thing they've edited they chair carefully check to make sure it's just the right tone everything else and then he reads off a teleprompter no that was that was him yes some notes but I thought it was just the right tone but sure enough last night we'll get into this summer the the left was mocking him and of course and I thought the president was was very much of we need to work together this is not a time to fight between Democrats and Republicans it was yes it would Donald Trump I know that's not his normal but it was excellent I thought he did a good job so back to this person in northern California and this gets into the question about faith in government and that back in nineteen seventy five this was in seventy five we're only going to get the US one here it's going all around the world that the faith in government is dropping like a rock rock rock are the US the UK had sixty five percent of the people in this country Bob had faith in the government is now down to less than half but other countries around the world Germany went from eighty six percent faith in the German government to forty eight percent goes on and on and on so I wonder why and here is a perfect example so my question is do you trust the government to be able to take care of this coronavirus no I'm not a big pro government guy but I'm not anti government there is a role there are many roles that the government must play the that that's what it's for them not for the private sector building highways infrastructure well a lot of different things that you and I rely on our governments to provide these things so we talk a lot about they've they've they've obviously gotten into areas they should not be an but that's not that's for another day so the question now is do you trust that our government will be able to manage this corona virus outbreak going on around the world and and popping up now in the U. S. Q. cases here and there so this story about this woman who was they say had not traveled to any region hit by the outbreak had not come in contact with anyone known to have the infection is now the first case of community spreading okay so let's go through this the patient is our lives in Solano county California that is halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento it is the home of Travis Air Force base dang dang dang dang dang it does that give you a clue Travis Air Force base is where they have brilliant been bringing in hundreds of people from China that's where they evacuated them to Travis in March for space in a down by riverside and they also brought the up the people from the Japanese cruise ship they brought them to Travis Air Force base so it makes you wonder who had contact with them who have they had contact with did somebody that works at Travis Air Force base come in contact with these people and not be protected properly and then go home or go to the grocery store and lives next door to the lady who knows but the lady is not is is she is she didn't just land out from the mon this virus didn't drop out of the sky she lives in Solano county by Travis Air Force base so the first thing that happened was she brought herself to our little community hospital called the North Bay Vacca valley hospital it's a fifty bed community hospital in the back of bill California she had the flu symptoms this was back on February fifteenth day after Valentine's so she's got the symptoms then yeah I'm so that's been two weeks so the staff who had direct contact with the woman have been tested for the virus so far so far nobody's tested positive so what they did at this hospital because she was apparently struggling with their breathing the respiratory problem the staff at this North Bay back of valley hospital inserted a tube into the woman's long stay helper brief problem is according to the experts the procedure increases the risk of exposure to the virus because it realizes the respiratory droplets oh boy so they did something to help her but it makes it worse four and four people around so her health continued to decline she was then transferred to a hospital in Sacramento California the UC Davis Medical Center let so this is this this is now a question of of of community spread so there's a doctor there who said you know we should have this patient tested so this hospital the UC Davis hospital asked the CDC to contact the conduct a test for the virus because state and local laboratories we're not doing so I don't know what how that works but the CDC said no we're not going to she doesn't fit the the testing process it gets worse fire chief in back of bill California Chris Concepcion acting public information officers well said that county officials have directed issued a directive not to transport any new patients to their to local hospitals the North Bay back of the back of alley hospital in back of bill California and the North Bay Medical Center in nearby Fairfield California which is right next to Travis Air Force base so the fire chief declined to say why those orders had been given so then the vice president of public affairs at the North Bay healthcare declined to comment he said the hospital was directing all inquires to the California department of public health then Washington post got a hold of the back of bill city manager I made it just goes on and on or not about their passing the Buck from one government agency to another thank god I don't ask me ask them do you trust the government will be able to get their arms around and control this virus eight five five two nine five sixty six hundred.

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