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Attention away from rogue lidge and cross whic he's on my list but but really a peripheral figure i would say well luke fourteen more of this list and the days and list leading maybe maybe i'll draw yeah maybe post it all finish coloring in post it on social media wonderful martin figuring your list well he's on the having had a bit of a shocker opening four or five months of the season and then fourth place in a stage win the token daniel he we didn't really talk about him in the first part but he i thought he looked good and increasingly good as as the race went on and he he raced in a trademark dan martin style didn't he he's back on on full meese found these these rediscovered his mojer taught quite sort of poignantly really on the day he stay to in canadian the press radio press conference right told about how he lost his enjoyment in in racing in the early part of this year i think he went to you a there was talk of a big big salary he was while he is receiving there and my pressure with he's never really been a guy around him it's a team has been constructed before i think his position in you as the closest tonight in his career there was there was a fabric pressure and affected the way he approached the the first part of the season many went back and sort of regroups in the spring came up with a different attitude on them yeah it was it was typical multi performance a lot of attacks in the last four or five kilometers of stages he's still someone who is going to suffer in the sunday and the team time trial on the individual time trial on the penultimate day knee will lose time and so much time was suggest it might take him out of contention for the win even has a great a great rice generally but i think he certainly good back for stage win another question mulcahy's whether fob jato always going to go for the usa team 'cause he wrote a really really poor jiro and he's been off having tests to see these food intolerance food allergy he might yet be slotted into the torch team which might not be great news for martin no i think things well things looked up he's got a mountain analogy at the moment fabio he looks like he's got the he he's every time the race pair watson in jira look very i mean he never looks an elegant rider is he looked really really allow power as soon as the race got tough which iraq has declared himself fit and ready for the the tour i should've mentioned when we heard island dose earlier celebrated jiro who has said his hand up for the fronts they've confirmed their team yet ca to show opposite but they're one of those teams are going with two emissions to support is that carini alert saccharine and marcel kissel but lost the the couple of couple weeks of weeks we should wrap please we shouldn't we that whole host of writers we haven't even mentioned bill chart lists yeah leave us leave ourselves some talk about next week if we are on this right all we'll have left to talk about the week before the tour is whether ill news accurate can win as no oh daniel thank you very much out speech speech to next week we'll take thank you thank you richard

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