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Remind folks. We can't do this. Podcast to in the best way to support this podcast right now. This time of crisis and Nina's to make a donation you can do that. fees to fund dot com slash. Donate or you can become a plus member it fun dot com slash class or join us on Patriots on teacher in dot com slash speeds to fund. Get a t shirts at our store. He's defined dot com slash store and over the next few days. I'll be posting pictures of some of the driftwood of you like one Snatched up comes a little air plant. Or if you're in a very cold part of the neighbor a world to send you the drift wouldn't you can get a plant that won't die from freezing cold. Can I get up in here? You can get up in the air. We add an exciting week this week where people come and show sisters coming on and talking about surviving hurricanes. We Got Sam Pancake Peaches Christ. We're talking to pissy miles who you guys might remember when she went to the impeachment trials. Right yeah and so The Drag Queen From Jersey. Who for years worked with Cherry Pie town out her experience with Sherry Pie? Oh who's that Sherry Pyeho from season twelve season eleven? Twelve of Paul's Drag Raines. Who had been accused in? Seemed to have fessed up to Cat Fishing actors. And so we're GonNa talk to her about that situation. It's telling that the first episode of the season twelve was titled. I'm that bitch. But she was on the second episode episode. You don't know me. And it was obvious that the producers didn't you know when they do background checks. These shows they look for criminal record more than anything you know and they asked a lot of the girls. Hey who would you recommend so some people had recommended Cherry Pie and you can. If you do watch the show you do see that. There is talent there but You know what's I mean? The things that she's accused of are monstrous. A WIG is a terrible thing to waste a thank you guys for listening bye..

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