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K. Saturday classes good morning I'm Jacquelyn Scott and Katie okay new server and this is Oklahoma's first news sunny warm Friday ahead our forecast is coming up the state school board voted yesterday to let public schools hold classes on Saturdays and for those classes to count towards the required attendance days the school superintendent joy Hofmeister says it's only an option it's not mandatory there could be a need for them if there is I. outbreak in their community or in their school to not have students in class all day and they would be all for on rotating days and this would help provide for them an additional day state law currently doesn't allow weekend classes to count toward the attendance requirement the Saturday option will be allowed starting this fall the teaching certificate of a Stillwater junior high school social studies teacher who had been an organizer of the twenty eighteen teacher walkout suspended the state school board making that decision yesterday Alberto more John is accused of sending inappropriate messages to a former student a man shot dead at the side of an illegal marijuana grow operation in southeast Oklahoma City police say forty two year old Daniel Hardwick tried to break into the business when he was shot and killed by the owner thirty three year old a refresher police say Breker put bass a homicide charge for now he's been arrested on a complaint of unlawful cultivation of marijuana the state health department says it surpassed this month's end goal of nineteen thousand cobiz nineteen tests officials say the health department has tested one hundred thirteen thousand two hundred sixty four patients with the virus since may first.

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