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Go for 40. I'll pass you the ball. And bird and magic the same kind of thing. That's why it's fun to think about and those two guys, like Jordan, I would say it's kind of an underrated pass or two in that sense. You'd keep some of the ball movement, but you get the big finishes. It'd be an offensive Nirvana, for sure. That would be the O one Kobe argument too. The most athletic. I would rather have ADH Jordan, but that would be the same kind of thing. Two more, two more, I was thinking in the curry spot. O 7 Nash, just from the IQ stuff, I think he could hang with those guys. And then I can't believe I'm saying this. I hope I don't get struck by lightning. 2016 Kyrie Irving. That was on the list. I was like, okay, okay. We talk about that. So I was thinking about how Jamal Murray clicks with jokic. And who is the best possible version of the stuff Jamal Murray is good at? And the answer is actually Kyrie. Like he's a 50 40 90 incredible handle. And never really played with anybody like yo kitch. And I just think if you put 2016 Kyrie with jokic for like a week, it would be pretty amazing. I wouldn't want maybe one 6 years of it, but if you're just talking about a couple games, that would be fun. And then the only other one I had was 2017 Durant. Because we saw him fit into the framework of an unselfish team and it was kind of better than anyone thought, but he also has the ability and all these years later is still does of if you need two points, he can get it. He can run the four. He can just kind of fit in, does need the ball, the ball moves with him. And I think he's another one that would be a fun one. But I think my final answer is, I think my final answer is 22 curry

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