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The future of their teams in the bay area kcbs and that is time for the sportsline with caroline burns all scary injury the warriors guard pat mccaw overshadowed the return of klay thompson to the lineup and a dominant win over the kings and sacramento the warriors were up eighty six to sixty nine in the last few seconds of the third quarter and as mccaw was going up for a donkey was upended by vince carter and landed hard on the floor lee on that floor for about ten minutes before being wheeled off the court on a stretcher call was immediately taken by ambulance to the uc davis medical center for an evaluation coach steve kerr said they have no word on his condition yet till is really scary he you know he was in a lot of pain and there was you know it's a landowners back and obviously we saw what happened it took them off on a stretcher madam mobilize him and then we'll we'll see you know it's scary stuff from nbc sports bay area kirk could be seen consoling vince carter who appeared distraught and has everyone was huddled around macaw wants mccaw was gone the two teams came together in a huddle before resuming the game the final score one twelve the ninety six klay thompson had twenty five points in his return kevin durant had twenty seven points and ten rebounds warriors returned home to oracle rena tomorrow night to host phoenix they have now picked up their fifty fifth win of the season that sports a fifteen and forty five on all news why don't six nine am seven forty kcbi of all the people in the world you feel like you were destined to find her and now that you have come to jared the galleria of jewelry to find the diamond destined for her it's called chosen by jared diamond with a one of a kind journey only jared can share from the rough stone to the ring she'll wear forever jared makes her diamonds creation part of your love story we document its entire journey from discovering it and its roughest purest form to the.

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