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And I'm Karen Moscow U.S. stock index futures are lower to start the week We're coming up to 6 O one up Wall Street I'm gonna check the markets every 15 minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg S&P futures down 13 points this morning Now future is down 117 and NASDAQ futures down 32 ten year treasury down three 30 seconds He has 1.92% and they yield on the two year 1.30% The Euro 1.1423 against the dollar Nathan Karen the drop in futures comes after another volatile week on Wall Street the tech heavy NASDAQ 100 index rose 1.3% while the Dow dropped a tenth of 1% We saw huge market swings tied to earnings SD dweck is chief investment officer at Flo bank We've seen that earnings across a lot of these big tech companies had a very big impact and we could see some huge diverging moves between a couple of names depending on how the earnings results were perceived in how the guidance was perceived So maybe more of a stock picker's market coming in the couple of months But generally speaking I do still think the tech is going to hold up and do quite well in 2022 Flow bank says do you like says Friday's jobs report solidified fed hikes over the next few meetings but the second half of the year is still unclear Well overseas Nathan a rally and Chinese shares have limited drop in Asian stocks Japan led declines in the region and we get the recap from Bloomberg's Juliet Sally and Singapore Good morning Julia Good morning Karen China's CSI 300 gained as much as 2.6% in its first trading session since the lunar new year break before pairing some of those gains It was still the best post lunar new year gain since 2019 Sentiment was boosted by that big jump we saw in Hong Kong on Friday and easing concerns about regulatory headwinds for the tech sector However tech players were sold off in Hong Kong Monday led by Alibaba this amid speculation SoftBank could be selling some of its shares The UK two two 5 closed lower by 7 tenths of 1% in Tokyo after posting its best weeks since October In Singapore Juliet saw a Bloomberg daybreak Okay Julian thank you Back here in the U.S. The White House is planning another push on its economic agenda President Biden's top advisers are hatching a plan to repackage the message Amy Morris has the details from our Bloomberg 99 one newsroom in Washington You'll hear less about inflation and the stalled build back better plan and more about wage growth union jobs and domestic manufacturing Sources tell Bloomberg that President Biden's advisers are resetting the president's approach Supply chain bottlenecks and partisan fighting over COVID vaccinations masks and testing will take a backseat to expanding the productive capacity of the economy This just months before the November midterms where Republican wins could doom any future White House initiatives In Washington I'm Amy Morris Bloomberg daybreak Amy thank you We also have news from the US Treasury secretary this morning Janet Yellen says she has no plans to leave the job anytime soon in an interview with Bloomberg Yellen said there's still a huge amount of important work to do The biggest win over ten years so far was a global agreement on corporate taxes but Congress has yet to endorse the plan The economic data are also in focus Karen On this week's agenda the spotlight shifts to inflation we get more from Bloomberg's Vinny del giudice The monthly employment report remarkably strongest behind us Thursday the government issues the January consumer price index the CPI has been soaring climbing 7% on a year over year basis in December That's the most in 39 years and January's index could run harder as pandemic related supply shortages persist in businesses passed along rising labor costs Also on this week's calendar December consumer credit which should settle back from a record November jump If any doubt judic daybreak Vinny thank you turning to corporate news now Shares a peloton up more than 22% in early trading That's due to speculation of a takeover but as Bloomberg's dug Krishna reports peloton could face challenges if the company tries to sell itself to a big tech firm Peloton finds itself a potential takeover target last Friday The Wall Street Journal reported Amazon is exploring a possible deal Analysts say Apple could be a buyer the FT reports Nike is also considering a bid and Disney has been mentioned as well But regulatory scrutiny could make a deal difficult tech firms are being probed for their reach and influence Recently the FTC suit to block the acquisition of arm limited by Nvidia In New York I'm Doug prisoner of Bloomberg daybreak Okay Doug thanks Spotify is also in the spotlight this morning The company's CEO is speaking out once again about podcaster Joe Rogan Let's get the details on that live from Bloomberg's journey to young Good morning Good morning Nathan Spotify CEO Daniel ek tells staff that he's deeply sorry for the impact of the controversy over Joe Rogan But he supports keeping Rogan's show on the platform Rogan's been under fire for repeatedly using racial slurs and spreading COVID misinformation on his podcast And while several episodes have been removed from Spotify the company's CEO says he does not believe silencing Rogan is the answer Instead he says Spotify will spend $100 million to amplify marginalized voices live in New York I'm ready to young Bloomberg day break Ready to thank you We turn to politics overseas now with the latest on UK prime minister Boris Johnson He's hoping for a reset after key members of his team walked out last week And we get the latest from London with Bloomberg's UN pods Good morning Ewan Good morning Carolina Nathan following the resignation of 5 aids in 24 hours last week the prime minister is moving quickly to rebuild his team including a new chief of staff One newspaper report though says that Boris Johnson supporters are readying for a confidence vote as soon as this week They're said to believe that between 35 and 45 lawmakers have submitted written requests for a vote 54 is the number needed to make it happen But those requests.

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