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We thank you for tuning into tomorrow. I'm dave crave line before we went to the break we were hearing from mary. Barra chairman and ceo of general motors. Well as some of her team about where transportation is headed into tomorrow we last heard about updates to gmc's original electric vehicle the chevrolet volt e well. Now members of gm's design and engineering teams joined in the keynote address to introduce us to a few of their other all electric vehicles. A great deal has been said about the gmc hummer since. It was first unveiled in october. The irony of introducing hummer is an is not lost on us this vehicle is the clearest articulation of exactly. What we mean any vehicle can be any easy. This is the world's first all electric super trump. Gmc hummer v will be capable of zero to sixty in about three seconds with a thousand horsepower and eleven thousand five hundred pound feet of torque. It has a crazy amount of power. It celebrates the performance possibilities of electric propulsion. Th this is a truck. You wanna drive because it delivers performance in a way that no other truck can match and a happens to have zero emissions. Two things in particular. I wanna share with you. That we haven't really talked about before terrain mode one pedal driving and the bose electric vehicle sound enhancement technology in terrain mo. The gmc ev offers one pedal driving for precision handling at low speeds while off. Roading and rock crawling. It combines the fine control of the immediate tort provided by the propulsion system and the friction brakes to deliver a level of modulation that is beyond anything. We could deliver from gas or diesel powered engine. It is a smooth experience providing finally modulated power control that can dominate the most difficult terrain. If you will love the power offroad wait until you try it on road watts. The freedom mode builds an entire experience around that zero to sixty sprint. The double press of the traction control button triggers a request to acknowledge. You are about to do something special. Acknowledgment causes the vehicle to lower in the battery electronics. Temperatures to be optimized in preparation for full power delivery. The driver coach tells you to apply the brake as the seat and the sub. Woofer start to shake then you apply the accelerator and once you reached the required levels. You let the bronco and hold on. I've experienced the thrill of jumping out of a plane at thirty thousand feet. In my opinion this is better. But how do you create the sensory explosion to accompany. Motors turned up to eleven. We worked with boz boz electric vehicle sound enhancement. Technology makes its debut in the gmc hummer ev incorporates. Guitar riffs high frequency feedback and inspiration from formula motorsports to communicate the sensation of power. And torque that you've unlocked and wants to freedom is a truly immersive sensory experience that brings you in direct contact with your vehicle and we can't wait to share it with you later this year. If a gmc hummer is power and dominance the cadillac league is the art full integration of technology for most intimate driving experience introducing of cadillac. The lyric is an uncompromising suv the embodiment of cadillac innovation and a showcase of technologies. You'll see repeated over future cadillac issues. We took advantage of the quiet. That comes with altium powered vs to curate an entirely new sensory experience and the inspiration of vip's electrical bandwidth to reimagine what it means to always be connected to your vehicle. It starts as you approach the cadillac league layering of technology and choreography of light. That draws you inside and makes us very intimately your vehicle recognizing its driver. The lyric prepares the cabin for the journey. Continues that rhythm of light from the exterior to the interior. Once you are inside you understand what we mean. By artful integration the curved three three inch diagonal advanced led display provides a customizable user interface with the capability to display one billion colors. We worked with territory studios and right point to companies with unique experience in creative strategy design and technology to help challenge expectations and bring cadillacs vision to life. And while we've announced that the gmc hummer ev will leverage edge games unreal engine used to make fortnight and this keynote we can announce that we will also be using the technology in the cadillac lyric to bring display information to life and engaging three perspectives that learning technology continues into the dual plane. Augmented reality heads up display that incorporates navigation directly into your field of view and combined with our next generation super cruise driver assistant technology helps provide confidence and control. My role of general motors is lead designer choreographed experiences. In addition to cadillac lighting. That role did not exist before electric vacation gave vehicle design opportunity to rethink our relationship with our vehicles now. It signals a new future for the interaction of technology and the senses if the cadillac lyric is the new face of cadillac innovation. I want to introduce its ultimate expression. The all new cadillac. Celeste black. Celeste ick is a designer's dream the architecture the platform carved out new space and gave us the freedom to integrate more technology. The result is a dramatic presence with the low profile and work proportions. each vehicle offers a curated selection of materials which are crafted by hand for the ultimate luxury experience and with all wheel drive four wheel steering and a full glass roof. It's celebrates extraordinary cadillacs elastic extends the are full integration of technology. You already saw in the lyric but reaches new heights. That roof will be our first to feature four quadrants. Suspended particle device smart glass allowing each occupant of the vehicle to set their own level of transparency while the ten the glass colors to match the ambiance and the mood of the interior that equal an individual experience for each occupant will be a signature aspect of the cadillacs elastic. The driver and front seat passenger enjoy a pillar to pillar display. That brings the outside inside while rear seat. Passengers have personalized entertainment screens. With active privacy and council screens that separate individualized comfort settings from entertainment displays to minimize distractions cadillacs. Elastic represents our full integration of technology. To reimagine what it means to be a passenger. We can't wait to reveal morrison. Mary barra wrapped up by talking about their excitement about the future of electric vehicle. I hope that what we've shared with you today gives you the same confidence and excitement about our future of electric and a thomas vehicles that we all share at general motors confidence that the pieces are now in place and excitement for the prospect of a world that is more personal moves better and contains experiences none of us have ever had before and all of us will be able to enjoy. We've been hearing from mary. Barra chairman and ceo of general motors and several of her key execs talking about all sorts of transportation technology bringing us further into tomorrow. If you've got questions. 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