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One it's another bill on CBS double header featuring a battle between two of the most dynamic QB's in the sport on the mark Jackson in the ravens welcome to Sean watts of the Texans fall by New England bracing for another tough road game in Philly it all starts with JB the guys on the NFL today at noon eastern nine Pacific on CBS if you want to watch that's really I did read that last week just by production team led by James for several could figure out Hey you know maybe this is for next again you put me on the spot to be a leader these things right thankfully we have been Horowitz back Francis is it San Francisco Francis here at CBS sports radio hello there Sir hello Francis how are you I'm very good thank you very much I was listening skews me to you about this young man possibly ceiling the other gentleman for his behavior I mean litigating on field actions is kind of like a slippery slope because with all the little Michael managing and debate about every little thing that took place about that for a would be something that you would have to do for other situations possibly is say somebody decided to keep somebody in the lake in a fight in injured that person well okay so your book phrase usually somebody you have a criminal background justice background no no okay well are you aware of the name's Marty McSorley or Todd Bertuzzi no Sir not okay so they both had played the NHL in both had similar instances I mean and through this a similar but one nail somebody else with a hockey stick in the neck and the other sucker punch somebody laid him out left among conscious both had criminal charges pressed against him ironically both games happy Canada so as we Canadian authorities by the NHL's been just fine since those incidences and they were handled in court and everything because I think that here is more calling miles Garrett were you references an on field action fair and kicking some alike well miles guaranteed after the whistle by using his helmet as a weapon holding their hair using Mason rough tell the whole is hand is not an on field action that is something it may literally in the most literal sense happen on the field but it's not the way we would look at is on the field action and there is at least precedent in another sport for legal litigation where you're not creating a slippery slope you can just you know be able to judge that Hey when something happens is crazy is this where it really is some kind of a soul that could happen absolutely and there's a forty niner fan I've actually watched things happened to my team and say oh my god if I was his wife or his mom I want to or sometimes they think that there should be litigation but that's an emotional reaction because my guy got hurt and I'm not saying that any less but I think we could decipher what you're talking about a forty on a game compared to what miles character with a helmet and I guess my point all along has been I keep wanting to reiterate this if we walked away with Mason roof on conscious because we had the temple with the helmet now just because the home and miss the perfect spot they had the head or the imperfect spot how much different would be thinking about this and is that the right way to go about it should we always be judging things on the end result of injury or just on the allied itself in print right Lou we intend and actually what the visual speaks to I'm just saying that it's very slow and because we're debating it over and over and and and it's a wonderful conversation on the radio I love I love sports talk radio just put that out on the field in that debate can happen over and over and over for things that could be within the realm and outside the round and the health that young man said who knows what that would have have what could have happened exactly thank you for the call Frances and that and that's my point here I am not hammering home the idea that the Cleveland police these shop a mild carrots home put cuffs on that is not what I'm saying what I am saying is when it when people laughed at the notion that there could be criminal charges pressed autumn I found that to be obnoxiously stupid and the idea that this is within the confines of a pair of barbaric sport and you will you know boys will be boys it's so silly it's nonsense what happened was dangerous what happened was a salt what happened was not something that happens on a football field Ryan is in Baltimore Brian you're on CBS sports radio Hey John how you doing tonight what's going on Brian thanks for the call out too much yeah a long time let's say you've got a few people from far more call and tonight on the rules the rules lean on is making me in the mood for crab cakes man hi there all men it's all me anyway first thing the gentleman that called about the basketball at ninety miles an hour it's so hard to prove some that's premeditated any I've gotten so many of those tweets address yes some people with the base and and I mean it looks like you're throwing a pitch in a baseball game my all right yeah I didn't in Iowa we didn't walk away punch me should revise he was tackling him like that would be the equipment he ripped off his helmet after a whistle and and turned what was a back and forth pushing melee into something completely unnecessary yeah exactly and all also I haven't really heard much about calling Capper neck I know I know I keep I keep a season to get to it here I know to be still be every right I I I barked and so I just got off of work and I'm on my way so I just want to hear from about Colin Kaepernick and also about Lamar Jack the version shop lots I just want to get your opinion about that and all go and hang up thank you for what we call hi Brian so here's how I will set this up because we have a couple minutes here before we break why don't I eat because Colin Kaepernick here's the deal I I keep teasing this I don't want to cram every thought in the Cali capric because this is a very complex issue and I I really have anti thoughts on everybody involved from the NFL the capric to everything I feel like I'm negative on everybody involved in this I want to lay this all out and I don't want to rush it here in the next five minutes so let me just a zero mark Jackson to Sean Watson see I'm glad you brought that up to me that is the game of the day coming up here on the set of all Sunday the Texans and the ravens and if you do ever thought a Texan dreams I would my technicals in that either eight five five two one two four two two seven to me this game is far more important for the Houston Texans and it is the Baltimore Ravens when you consider we just saw Mason Rudolph looked the bloom off the rose of that still are hot streak after beating the rams last week and obviously we see no clear will not a miles Garrett the rest of the year even if you were thinking they could have some kind of late surge at four and six the Baltimore Ravens gonna win this division they've already beat the New England Patriots at a loss here wouldn't necessarily take them out of the box why this game is more port for the Houston Texans was two fold number one I'm more confident the Baltimore Ravens in a divisional round slash A. F. C. championship to be able to go on the road play the kind of defense they play with the head coach they have well the more Jackson run all over cold field maybe New England or dare I see can't figure even if it was in Houston and they can get the job done I have been there done that with bill o'brien coach teams on the road in these games specially spots in Foxborough and I have no faith that even with his great is the Sean Watson is with JJ watt being done for the year I have no faith in Houston Texans winning road football games in the postseason now if you tell me the only road give me the plays the AFC championship game any given Sunday maybe okay fine soul I think today on Sunday Lamar Jackson was the Sean walks and Lamar Jackson can't really lose anything I was giving her to be the patriots people everything's gonna be P. candidate the show watch is going to rise to the occasion and we just give her taxes and if you don't if don't wanna bring up home field advantage or any of that how does your factor is age match with the division the way would you know when this division about or what the colts are playing a jaguar team is get Nick Foles back to Kobe percent back for the colts have to loosen the dolphins a week ago heck Tennessee is red hot a loss by the Texans would bring them back to the pack of BET the AFC south where it's ironic what time is the game for the to see if the Texans are losers game there's no no guarantee that they're gonna win this division where you can all but guarantee the raven talking with the division so I should be a fun game and when you consider drew Brees on his way out Tom Brady on his way out our Rogers too great but obviously not getting any younger and a bunch of unknowns at the young quarterback position as far as we like their game but who knows and by that by those guys I mean Kyler Murray Daniel Jones Sam Doral Josh Alan Baker Mayfield there's a whole group of those guys then there's that group of with the course of which is really good we're still one and if you do consistently off the injury Jared Goff step back then it was kind of older guys like a match staffer Matt Ryan but when you talk about the future of the league of the future the position I think three guys that make you drool over the future position our Lamar Jackson is shown watching Patrick my homes so if you get a chance to watch to those guys we saw first on the NFL at the some epic ACC match ups including one a couple years ago to Louisville Clemson I just can't all be a lot of fun I wishes he was acting prime time not buried amongst the million early games but ravens Texans to me is the game the day I think it is a far more important game for the Houston Texans and I mentioned obviously I'm going to get the Caprica promise I hate being that guy the teacher radio they want you to teach right tease make sure you let listeners know what's coming up.

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