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Ambitions was such that she. Obviously we didn't want to stay in Adelaide. She went from there to Sydney two pots points. And how did she launched herself from there to the United States. Well festival she. She moved to Sydney. Because that was way you would be able to break into the theater and She had lessons with one of the leading. Elocution and drama tasers there and he used to put on You know the students display at the end of the year and she started to be noticed in the newspapers and then she when she was eighteen. She was lucky enough to get a job with Julius Knight who was the great at the manager of the time and she really looked at. I guess it wasn't just lack of talent as well. That having him as her first at manager was she says later that he taught her everything that she knew making the decision to leave Australia. She could have. She chose the United States. Rather than England Ingraham's the more conventional destination at the sped. Renamed but this is wartime us. This war war so America instead. She made a decision to go at the end of nineteen seventeen and she went at the beginning of ninety. Nineteen but Hollywood food was opening up at that time and a number of the based act as Australian actors and actresses. He's going off and you could just get on a steamer in Sydney and been Los Angeles San Francisco nineteen days later or what it happens when she landed in Los Angeles. She was lucky when she got off the out in San Francisco. She met a woman who wrote about the movies. She talks about her as the first friend that she might in America she went to Los Angeles in Hollywood with with her and she tried to introduce her to all the major people. SHOULD LIVE INTRODUCTION TO CECIL B. DEMILLE IS A. Ah what happened when she went to see him. Well it's it's an interesting story because you know he just wasn't the slightest bit interested. This was the period when Mary Pickford was doing her little girl. Cute go go yeah. She was the slender Interesting looking to go. Yes yes work. Now Oh several decades later when Demille saw In one of her one of great stage performances and he wrote to her and said I'm sorry. Hey had recognized is to talent at the time. But she wasn't the beauty that he needed. How did she get a start in? She went to New York after the to start in Broadway anyway. She had about five years. I think taking what she could mean which was usually in the provinces some way think of does not in twenty two. She was noticed by one of the major older actors. William Gillette and he arranged for her to have a part in the the touring company so she was a great heat in that her big breakthrough well as with with another of the all time leading actors. This time she had. She knew that he was looking for a certain sort of girl. For this This was a very emotional part. And so she called him up and said I'm the right person for you. So he said Oh. We'll come come and see me. And she talked to way into getting that and she was an enormous success particularly in Chicago. Hi guys and Chicago always loved due to Anderson. She's always got an enormous audience. They she Charlie Chaplin went to see her on stage. That's right yeah I went out together. Take Chapel was a famous pants man of the I don't think he got into her parents. Die For a little bit but he even talk. I don't know whether it was just newspaper. Talk or not bad. Haven talked about building having a theater for her in New York but but she was under contract to David Balasko by that time. The PRESARIO. The Great Impresario a Broadway would y and he kicked up enormous passed since then and I know that said that was the end of tally chaplain in the line on the twenty. She made a visit back to Australia. It was a star on Broadway at this but she came back to. Australia wasn't a triumph. For the fact she ended up having a breakdown at the at the end of the tour. Why did she have that? Break down the critics hated the plays that she was in. They were too sexy one of the reasons that she made such a sort of became a star. So quickly on Broadway was that she. We had a a new sort of sexuality that was becoming popula moving away moving away from the little go with the with the ringlets unison. Little Girl Bill to the the flat PA made a second sort of flat but not the little innocent flap about bat and that was her when she came back to Australia and played. Those rawls was a bit. Like if it's a bit Komo schoolmarmish about all we don't want you being vulgar overseas and representing the strider in a way that mark maximum were but this was a worldwide thing at at the time. And we'll choose in Australia. Being bowled out for being overly sexual in these plays friends of hers were being put in prison in New York for being overly sexual identity. Whether you remember there was a play called sakes that west by wiss in prison overnight. But they were jailed for obscenity. I mean it wasn't just that Ustralia was he's pretty much of a whereas a country at the time but Interestingly though you as one of the critics right at the time of the tour which as you say was got that kind of offended critical services another predicted right. Though in response some people complained that the theater is not true to life. And then when a Judith Anderson comes along in a play which temperamentally artistically is so true who to life that it bites. Like an `Syd I how that the term much truth. There was some kind of critic ready to recognize. The object was mixed in Melbourne which is always known for its well apparently audiences were down to just a few dozen so it was. It made an impact world. She went back to America and things better for her again over there quickly. She started doing doing movies. Yeah Hollywood they leading roles of more interesting character raw interesting character will have first movie which many people would know about. It's called blood money which was made in nineteen thirty three. It was one of the last pre code movies and you familiar with the audio. This was the Hollywood code a Censorship Code that was put in place by the studios to make sure that movies didn't get too racy to succeed anything that what was considered incident deviant sexually at the time or too violent or glorify what they thought was criminal enter. Exactly exactly is run. A bit of this is before the code. Yes it was not in thirty three. which was the code came at the end of that year so it was still pretty racy than gays? Yes and it had all when it had lesbians and transsexuals and she. She herself was a very sultry. Not Club very very smart but absolutely gorgeous in the sort of beautiful dresses that she always wore. She went back onto onto the stage to do a production of hamlet with John Gielgud where he wasn't so so John Young very young very young. Joe This is nine hundred eighty six and she was playing. Queen Gertrude at the door did. She's sexualize did. I think you've probably seen the fighter fighting off that I've got quite a lot of head bosoms showing main main critics talked about it as a totally new and vivid reimagining of Queen Gertrude. She got married in nineteen thirty. Seven took that marriage How courtship and marriage hey was a professor of English at the the University of California Berkeley they met in nineteen twenty nine and the seemed to be a an immediate veit attraction between them but then the courtship was mainly carried on by later for a number of years he is in nineteen thirty seven? Something broke and she decided she would try married life so so with her. First I husband. He was based in northern California and she's primarily working in southern California interest in Hollywood and New York. How did they arrange that to dice spin she? She agreed that she would give up. But I don't know what he did this but she said that she would give up the stage and go and live in in Berkeley with him. Play the professor's wife lasted about six months that the enjoyment and then and she started to long for the stage again. The the whiff.

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