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He razer we now winging is by the end the rat lorde jio neil it was worse when i got the flu than women a hang a new ids i knew there was something to that you're you're bite into the man flee where do you tell us well it's interesting you should bring that up we'll get into that the second first let's welcome for the first time in 2018 our good friend dr drew penske back to the show your dettlement happy new year where were you on new year's eve dr drew what you do for the big night we it'll who people over hung out in do have allied actually but uh got up either grenada or you're the comedy so you know the b2 flies rate over our house as a head for the parade route every day and we got dr lives in pasadena real close to where the parade in icy okay and so we like going out and watching it could it have quite a site and i thought it was 815 at all with a night here this like you're com the vegas like the the ground starts to shake when it approaches and i looked at my bathroom window at night vidgis filled with this guy this gigantic plane and so there was that was my into your celebration right from my own uh allow plenty i continuous the swingers party the threat well listen i glad you're on with us thank you kevin just run up the man flu which is something that has it's been said as an excuse for why manner down so long when they get the fluor why they complain so much and it's in the news right now because a doctor dot tired of hearing about that and decided to do a little bit of research on it to try to figure out if men and women suffered the symptoms of a flu differently and he came to a conclusion that yes men heavy weaker immune response when it comes to common viral respiratory infections and the flu i'm wondering if that makes any sense to you or are people just people a couple of her earth role where a big thing america fa that article you referred to i thought i.

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