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Eleven minutes of fulham versus blackbird courses at midnight but it seemed the public weren't particularly ready for it at that time but i think in those eleven years we really have moved on a great deal and that's the point isn't it alex moved on because people have moved on anyway in the way they regard these things but also moved on because women and women's football is a much bigger deal excuse me sorry i'll go bad for women's football in their success obviously at team gb the olympics when we it over here and obviously current medal at the world cup in canada it's really raised the profile of women's football which is now helped with me making the transition into that side but it is people like jackie what you don eleven years ago has paved the way for the next generation of us coming through it's more accepted because jackie was knocking on doors and pushing boundaries and that's helped us an honest yeah i think is exposed ways i'm going there i know i've been in world cups i know the emotions the feelings but then i also know a responsibility that they're all young girls watching at home and i think it's great that they can turn on the tv and save me in the wrong side the rest of the mouth and lock it in the it's normal and hopefully employers tom fossil when we get to the next world cup it won't even be a topic of discussion it will actually be the norm now does it change football jackie it doesn't change football i think it just becomes more inclusive i think for many many years we just used to seeing and hearing men talk about men's football whereas now as i said and thanks to people such as alex a women talking about football has become a lot more normal and that's where i had issues eleven years ago it was people just weren't used to it but now it has become normalized we've got other female pundits and people are there on merit because they know about football they've been brought up with it and i think it does send out a message to people watching.

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