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You're into tomorrow for the weekend of friday september tenth. Twenty twenty one. I'm dave grave line. I'm chris grave on the sports tomorrow is brought to you by decks calm. The only continuous glucose monitor fda permitted for kids ages two years and up visit dax dot com shows. Here's chris grave line. Line lining thought history history. There were several approaches to record movies on a disk. After the ted system and by telephone can presented for nineteen seventy-one v hd the video high density disc by jv was introduced then laser vision by phillips and cad by rca. All analog all failed and all were discontinued by the mid eighties cd. Video with seventy. Four minutes of video also didn't succeed. Another medium with higher capacity was needed combined with data reduction which was available in the early nineties early in the mid nineties. The industry started to develop the dvd technology which had five times. The storage capacity of cd. That's this week's update brought to you by berlin. Be sure to visit. Ifa dash berlin dot com coup into tomorrow hot summer giveaway is still underway. And you can win some fabulous prizes and all you need to do is be heard on the air stay tuned for how easy it is. For example from viper we've got color led to way security and remote start systems are worth six hundred dollars from roble rock six max robotic vacuum true vision smarter action valued at seven hundred bucks l. Afo provided eclipse baby carseat alarms peace of mind for busy parents and save your child. They've also sent some of their ether infrared ear and forehead. Thermometers you want something that cooks and preps and cleans after every meal. Well how about the multo. Smart kitchen appliance cooking pal. This is pretty cool and worth one thousand dollars. From typic- healthy sent more of their clear up microcurrent devices to relieve congestion from colds flu and allergies sco skosana bucks full of stuff including the rhythm plus two point. Oh armband heart. Rate monitor magic mount phone. Stand for the maxine charger. Cupholder portable air purifier deodorizer. If you're looking for quiet point wireless active noise canceling in ear headphones audio technica a few. There's very cool and highly requested. Catalysts in a box of stuff for various iphone models phone cases and cases for air pods pro and apple watches razor provided a cayo webcam. Perfect work from home. Webcam with biltmore just will ring light and black widow light silent mechanical keyboard up your productivity and from our friends at cut and go into tomorrow brandon. Emergency seatbelt cutters and.

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