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Mobile device or computer Jeff brown is the analyst to predict the rise of nvidia tex Texas seven six two eight zero to see the near future report text the word tack to seven six two eight zero so hopefully hopefully means winter is almost over because I'm tired of it mullah let's switch gears and speaking a little yesterday was a one of those days in the journalism ministry relate to call a Friday news dump lots of big stories yesterday John Cranley announces he's exploring a a run for Ohio governor there were some issues with the since a police department which tater on may talk about later on in our chat with chips a segment any other story was here locally in Cincinnati the news broke my colleagues the inquire Pat Brennan and sharing Coolidge broke the story that FC Cincinnati coach Ron Jan's has and is space we stepped away from his role after a complaint was filed against him by the Major League Soccer players association that he used to inappropriate racial for of a racial racial term I guess in the locker room and there's no one better to give insight on this talk about this then RB writer at the inquired since I dot com Pat Brennan who is in Florida right now with the team and certainly will skip his take on this they don't but your well doing great how are you brother good what's so let's jump right to what's the what's the mood like around the team right now within in the wake of wood more twenty four hours remove now from the news breaking in the of Ron Jan stepping away from the club Matt as Major League Soccer now investigates his alleged use of of a racial slur talk talk about we talk about what's going on right now around the club yeah so I think on the administrative our office side they are waiting for the Major League Soccer investigation to get under way and then in addition to that and that's I mean that's just going to at the Cincinnati is taking that very very seriously because they want their players who all feel safe and you know comfortable in their jobs and these are jobs for these guys kind of parallel to.

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