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From from the bad guys. I've been trapped here drop trapped here by Snidely Whiplash since I could thing right there's a sense of exploration is what you're talking about. I miss exploring like there's a real sense of discovering something when it's like right in front of you and and and yeah, it's very it's more than anything else. It's just a lot of fun. Like there's the value of this for me is completely play oriented like there's real play at this age people should know that I am using an old tiny. I mean calling Cowboys and Indians. Yeah. I'm sure there's something going nobody's going at that anymore Jackie well fair enough, but but what I mean is when I was a young child couple of things would happen in regard to Adventure in regard to exploring things that we had a quarry in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin and every I mean the people who died the Quarry, they've been right off. Mean people are who are guiding you through these tours have been to these things. But when I went as a child, I was discovering them for the first time and it's that kind of Discovery and then Thursday we play this thing I would essentially in my there would be an imagination angle to it where I would make up some sort of dialogue and narrative or bad guys good guys or off on an adventure, right? And so when even on a guided tour you're going through a Slot Canyon or your shimmying on your back through the chasm of coffin assorted of the chasm of Doom and and it's it's your own exploration. It's your own discovery of something. So I mean everything I know about canyons and Hiking off like cuz I like to walk I don't particularly like to hike up hills and through canyons and stuff like that, but I used to walk a lot and Before I lived in the San Fernando Valley and it was ninety-seven degrees and and plus it's Los Angeles and you're like, well if I walk somewhere I better get a cup of coffee when I get there. And so but the other thing that I that loved and I mostly know about Canyons is from Louis L'Amour novels which to our Cowboy novels. Yeah from the fifties sixties seventies and eighties. I think Ronald Reagan's favorite author. It's you know, it makes so much sense. Yeah. Yeah and but then when he was the are our hero was consistently not constantly would often trapped in a Box Canyon or a Slot Canyon with water coming down fast and and he usually had to jump as high he could change his fists jam it into a crack in the wall. And then and that would be the first that would be his first handle hold and then he could sort of muscle himself up to grab another and then get out of the Canyon Club. Build a Slot Canyon. Yes, but only by accent like my friend David Burstein a really funny smart political consultant whose when I restaurants from New York, he flew to La okay, and we drove 8 hours to Antelope Canyon and on the way we stopped in Mecca to go to ladder and rock ladder and rub Canyon Brown and David got stuck somewhere in so to get him. I had to climb the side of a canyon up in a way that wasn't the trail right and and so often but and by the way, there was a real sense of danger for the for it I took I took a friend of mine. I took my girlfriend into the chasm of Doom and afterwards she which is not a euphemism in afterwards all these. Yes. She said I would want a hundred percent not have done that if I knew what it was going to be and I'm so dead. And I did it and so that's how it feels like doing these Canyons. They're like really it's like it's as close you can get your scuba diving without going underwater. They are these real there's a sense of of a cave a cave to it. And and yeah you climb you climb in and out and like in ladder and rope Kenyans, they're literally ropes that you have to there's a rope that you have to climb thirty feet up you get to the next part of a trail. If you can't do it then it's hard to it's hard to get back still like these are fairly like really nice. Yeah, the US has some really Advanced Home of hiking trails like in some of these trails are like Angels peak in Zion or the Narrows, which is also in Zion and for my money is like the granddaddy of all slot canyons. It's got a river walk along the base. So you have to hike in the river for hours with these with these walls on either side of you and it's really hard and arduous and and glorious. Apparently. It's my dream to go off. Okay, and this is in Zion National Park? Yeah, and like a lot of like there are a lot of hikes all over the United States that are like hard. They're like really hard hikes where you could God forbid like really get hurt or lose life is you're not careful and like in your I need to do that when there's something appealing about that like right now especially Jackie like we both feel trapped, right? This is a pandemic. We're both like in are fucking house and like share of this fan has been on for you know for six weeks. I couldn't could lose my mind now and like to to risk my life. I'm dying to every day and like you said, I want to dive a hundred feet into a pool now like that's what I miss. miss my sense of adventure and like this really caters to it you okay? Well, that's this is this I was going to say there are ways right now to risk your life. I don't know if you were a threat to Portland somebody spit in my face. Just yeah just go meet some Halliburton guys that are that don't have any idea on them. And if you would like to do really hurts your life, but not as pretty that's pretty that's right. Oh, there's no rock formations are different rock formations are very different and Arthur you ever done any camping. Is there a way to stay overnight in these things are mostly Day activities. Yeah. Well, here's the thing. I love to hike and I love Adventure. I also love with a passion. I never knew had indoor plumbing. Oh, yeah indoor plumbing. It's one of those things. You don't know that you really miss until you don't have it and I do love my sense of adventure and I love to hike and I like to Camp less than I like to shower twice a day. I love showering and and so I waited a do you like to shower a day morning and night baby? All right. Well, it's a it's glorious. It's a it's a that's a that's a sweet gift. I like to bait. I'm alone other people like your sim. Dirty water and I'm like, that's how I feel. That's how I feel about themselves. It's it's baffling two people that I liked to bathe and I like to say then don't do it. You shouldn't you should totally not do it and absolutely no doubt says that I smell so I calm down you do your best thinking in the shower or the bath. I always do my best thinking they're the one of reasons I like to bathe is because it slows me down minimum wage and the thing is I will take a 20-minute bath. But if I'm smart, I'll take an hour and half bath and wait till it cools off and then get the hell out of it because then I've done nothing wrong. Except for maybe.

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