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Laser delivers an unsafe all right center field it is this whole the little magic number down be there forty games over five hundred with the Yankees losing tonight the Dodgers have the best record in baseball forty over five hundred and eighty four forty four months the the winner he's getting the whole way Charley Steiner with the final call on the Dodgers radio network so yes it's Max monthly his thirty third home run he picks up Kenley Jansen and add the blue is that Janssen heard after surrendering the tidying Holmer turned to cheers there at Chavez ravine the Dodgers leads the majors not just with the best record as the starter mentioned but there are eleven the walk off of the season it's the most horrid Dodger team since two thousand twelve I should pay for legal leading eleventh walk off so they are tops in the National League with eleven walk off but did you catch the magic number for the Dodgers fifteen it's all guest August twenty first on the Pacific coast August twenty first in Los Angeles and their magic numbers fifteen I would worry about this team because they're not facing adversity but they do have the ball better navigate we said they've got a couple of rocky outings in the bull pen lately but in addition to that there's no way they forget how the last two seasons ended even the guys who were involved that sticks with them it was painful it hurt a lot especially going back to the series against the Astros that went seven and I'm not worried about them because I know they will remember the ghosts of World Series passed but the bullpen is still a question mark as it is for most of the teams in the majors have and stop me if you've heard that punch line before what team in the majors doesn't have bullpen issues it seems like you could probably name the ones you don't more easily than you could name the ones who do struggle with their bullpens all right so you can find me on Twitter a lot of radio also on our Facebook page what's the best story in Major League Baseball right now we will talk about one of them with the eighties but I just got this tweet best story in baseball the New York Mets late season surge we'll talk about that as well method Indians doing battle in a great game on Wednesday night we're just getting started.

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