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Whatever ben including a steroid era and and he's a guy who kind of finds a way to operate below that uh launch angle that everyone's talking about that uppercut swing that so many hitters are trying to develop and you know what i wouldn't be surprised if dave righetti starts telling everybody hey let's start sinking a more looks to start operating below this launch an angle that everybody he wants to get and uh and and guys like tie block could become pretty valuable us yet focuses on that low strike that doesn't hurt either it's true looks very true yeah last night yeah well they hunt for strikes down and well that's the whole thing they wanna raise that up so you don't have as many of the those low strikes that's part of the whole argument of the uh a major league baseball over the winter that they're going to readjust that strikes but we'll see i agree with you walk strikeout home run that's would you get me yeah exactly an end and and they want to speed up the game but they also want more often so you know sometimes it's not a buffet mortar you can't just pick and choose ever than our landed with that and good food reports the new extra thanks so much as always and look forward to seeing thanks marty always appreciate join your joining you all right very good that's andy baghli always love having him on have more coming up came six eighty these words talking baseball with marty lorry on npr succeeding the sports leader known math tour the kansai put a winery into one away from his prized answer we started at the demo was living in his line seller.

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