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Played, saying that these individuals may. Have politicize the process actually this is politicizing, the process, if you, remove security clearances? From James Clapper for example you say you know. What we're not gonna bother talking. To that person anymore that's a potential. National security, through let me read you something memorandum district Bution subject deterring and detecting unauthorized disclosures including leaks to the media? Through strengthened polygraph programs authorities national security act nineteen forty seven as amended by twenty ten intelligence authorization executive. Order, thirteen four sixty seven reforming. Processes related to suitability for government employment fitness, for contractor, employees etc, etc reference security? Executive agent bub-bubba blah on the irony of all. Of this I need page to. By the way guys there's two pages You know when you when, you look at this particular documented gives us so much. In terms of details I didn't give you page to that's, why, right let me, let, me. Copy. It hang, on so, annoying when. You have to do this all right. It's not working anyway I can just pull. It up here You know so anyway this. Is, James Clapper's intelligence here this is, James Clapper is doing here James Clapper is literally you know sending out documents. That suggests that oh it's literally says on authorized recipient includes any US person of foreign national, without a need to know or cleared at, the appropriate level for information including any member of the media well guess. Who leaked to the media, James Clapper, and this policy will serve as a strong deterrent to would-be leakers James Clapper sign the document. Literally deterring and detecting unauthorized disclosures. On authorized, disclosures? Of classified information including leaks of. Classified information to the media endanger vital intelligence sources and. Methods and. Damage international relationship by. The way can anyone say Hillary Clin Entin here in, my role. As security, executive agent I am here by. Standardizing how the topic of unauthorized disclosures. Is addressed that was, Clapper and, the date is July twenty twelve, so, that was his own standard he's not allowed to get these security clearances here's an article in the politico from twenty thirteen is well the headline, is White House looks to scrub. Clearance, lists Obama administration has ordered a, government wide, reassessment of how almost five million Americans have been granted classified information. Security clearances and whether each person currently approved to see sensitive national security secrets truly as a, need for such and reeling from the at, that was after the Edward Snowden case and the release of some top. Secret programs let's all happening None of these people deserve after what they did to this country none of, them and how they all conspired and you know all the people that sign that phony Fiso warrant never having done their due diligence a verification everything we've been telling you for now almost a year was confirmed. On Saturday night You know about Carter page who we had on this program, yesterday we know we now know that the justification for that Fiso warrant was in fact the unverified bought and paid for Russian lies of Hillary Clinton as spread by people, like John, Brennan funneled through Perkins, coup hiring fusion GPS hiring, a foreign national Christopher Steele who himself doesn't? Even stand by that stupid dossier all to dig up dirt and, smear and slander the opposition party candidate and. To get into through the back door Carter page the rest of the Trump campaign vis-a-vis you know, a guy. That obviously if he was so bad why is in Carter page in jail today In other words you've got Obama's top ranking spies top ranking FBI agents putting the fix into save Hillary from jail and indictment and literally turn.

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