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I incorporated that kind of into my state of being if you will in my new reality, I started to become a lot more aware of kind of the political implications of wanting to do something that the country was fundamentally against and it was quite uncomfortable. Because we had all worked so hard for this, and we really were sacrificial lambs. We had no choice over this. People had worked years to make the Olympic team. Man, I was lucky because I got to try out again. But there were many athletes nine thousand nine hundred was their one and only shot so I felt a little bit like a traitor for wanting to go and being a little being unhappy that we weren't getting to go. And I also felt that I loved being an American, and if this was the sacrifice I was going to have to make I wasn't ever going to go to war. I would have to buck up and do it and recognize that was this was part of part of the deal. Yeah. Wow. Wow. So nineteen four you you continued to train you made the team. But there was some disappointment. When that one, what's what's the, what's what's the, you know, we talk about people pursuing their passion and doing something that they're really have their heart their soul in. But what's the downside of doing that? You know? The downside. I guess is the lows are low. And you don't really know the problem with committing is you end up, really, caring. So it's not like, oh, I stubbed my toe. It'll it'll stop hurting in five minutes. If you don't accomplish whatever it is you have in your sights, and it's big and you've worked at it for a long time. It can feel pretty devastating when it doesn't happen. You know for me though. I'm kind of like, I am a no guts, no glory kind of person. Even today. A lot much further down my road. I would much rather. Go bigger. Go home. Laughing PS. I've I've seen the interview a cycling around what does it one hundred ten mile crazy cycle race? I'm like, of course, you're you know, all in on this stuff. So I think really you have to decide what kind of life you want, and you have to decide what kind of risk you're willing to take a lot of different kinds of risks. There's intellectual risk. There's physical risk. There's emotional risk. There's financial risk. And I think every person if they really kind of want to have some say in directing their future has to have an honest conversation with themselves about what they're appetite is. And as it turned out, I have a pretty big appetite actually not for financial risk but for motion and intellectual risk and to a certain extent relationship risk because I'm willing to team up with people to try to make big things happen. I love doing that. And to do the work to make relationships work. Learn a lot in that rowing shell don't you? In terms of you know, everything you're talking about my guest today. Our guest today on the business builders show is Ginny Gilder Ginny. Where can people find you? Well, usually in Seattle you can come to Seattle storm game. There's a good plug get your seasons. Tickets. Get us yell say.

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