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Rachel fulton brown talking about well all manner of things this week i'm very happy save my office timothy go to me his new book a after the break if you don't mind sticking around tim i'd love to ask you maybe one or two more questions is very very briefly about the book and then i want to ask you about a a new storing the federalists that that has some bearing on catholicism in particular and also on islam feel happy to stick around right after these messages we'll be back this is the milo show i'm your host milo and we're broadcasting live issues from south florida are social justice proof bunker we've made it too feminist resistant by narrowing the doors sony republicans can get through them and i'm here to tell you about my new daily show people been asking me for this for years and finally i'm doing it monday to friday over an hour of me every single week our study on january twenty nights if you sign up between now and may 29th you get a free autographed copy of my upcoming book despicable but hollywood sex crimes and the liberal journalists who covered for them and you also get it at the price forty seven fifty it is ridiculously cheap forty seven fifty for an entire year of me over now monitor friday daily show fabulous welcome back you're listening to the miler show i am milo if you want to support us get a little bit of high brown little bit of low brown a little wagner and a little paris hilton you can join us and worcestershire thank you watch the should i call that by the way i call that the and coulter thank you it's become a joke in the company now if you ever ever seen her in tv interviews or iin speeches and she's given a compliment.

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