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His car is in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight Chevy Silverado with Missouri plates last seen yesterday at five thirty in the morning on Parada court police say he's going through a divorce and has been sending his wife. Text messages that are suicidal in nature. If you see dean call police fires in the city of Saint Louis yesterday left one person dead another in critical condition. Firefighters say the death happened in the. Fifty nine hundred block of WADA after four yesterday afternoon. Crews reported heavy fire on the first floor of a two story structure when they got there with flames threatening to nearby buildings. The other fire happened early in the afternoon and the fourteen hundred block of Warney firefighters rescued a man with disabilities from a second floor room. They say her kerosene heater too close to his bed likely. Started that fire since they municipal court. Fine, restrictions in response to Ferguson. Several bills have been filed in Missouri's legislature to repeal those limits. The bills would lift the lid on municipal fines for minor offenses like traffic. Tickets those limits have been sponsored by Saint Louis county, Republican Senator Ehrich matters. Now, the state's attorney general the Ferguson events we saw all these municipalities particularly in Saint Louis that we're using their municipal court says revenue generating operations crackdown, and that's something should be proud of. I absolutely would oppose any. That turns back the clock and that kind of progress, but rural lawmakers argue their rural towns need that income to support local law enforcement from state capital..

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