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To europe for a few years the coach before coming back to north america long island the work for msg networks we are very happy the travel with butch wherever we go here with the islanders goal officially is unassisted for anthony beauvilliers 43 year at the 12minute mark as the di pass was picked off i beauvilliers after four couldn't handle it and he did the rest with his great speed all the way from the outer blue line splitting and fought to get an alone and in completing the great play by beating cam ward out as though regulo keeping early here to be playing with known as t bar the doors style hockey as they've been called on backtoback ice things they're still is over four minutes of action remain a and he can't just think you're going to believe the clock down at zero taking icing after isis is certainly not away you want to play backtoback racing though at least a says she gets use some extra time to rest round the just on what icing after guys have been out there for quite some period of time so where she can't make lying gene and after that i can't even call sign out any more like used to be able to do is when the faceoff can they get it out of the roles zone know at least not immediately as they turned it over tara vinent back behind the alan or net the skinner buoyed chuck leaning on a stick late standard figured curry but finally jeff thyatira bodybuilder to the crease near aside the far but then seek is sweat it all the way down is it going to die before the goal line no oh was like a curling shot by cases is they're trying not to ice it what the third consecutive icing on the islanders in less than a minute we go under 40 go regulation the new york leads still a pair down ten players on the ice after that icing trying to get away with a line change but linesmen a referees were right on it and force the aisles who had gone to the bench that were all the ice red eye sick the come back for this defensive zone drawing cases to seek is an audible lastminute as he talks through stu inter's that what he wants to do any wanted for nicoletti can get it out no we met traffic on the far boards and a.

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