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This. These songs of freedom. Why. John songs. But money and redemption song soon. Mallory Blackman you have said that when you were a young child, you thought the world was your friend. Tell me about where you were born? I was wanting Clapham and then we moved to Beckenham. So I went to school in Beckenham. And what do you remember about those? Very early years going to the park and playing and and school. And I remember my primary school learning French and loving there, and I used to have a piano in a back room. I used to love sitting there and just a little tinkering away. My very earliest memories of my dad buying me a walkie talkie doll, and he pulled the cord and he's thin came towards me arms outstretched gain, mama, mama, and I went screen what head out in through in our open fire and my dad was just staring at me not knowing whether to laugh or screaming had come over from berbie. Does your mother worked here as a seamstress, your father was a bus driver. What was their plan in coming to Britain, a better life, the same as old sort of wind rush generation. It was coming to England. For her life, more opportunities for their children. And I, you know, I think it was one of these things where you you come across in, you think it's going to be a certain way and it's not, and it's a struggle. But that said, even with all the things I went through, I think I had to easy than my mom and dad when I came over here. But my daughter certainly has an easier the me. So we've reached generation. I do feel things get better and they, they had you hear your mother here, but you had siblings who had been left at home and wear. The plan was quite commonly as often happens to bring them over and they did come over when they were. I think eight and ten. That's right. Sister way that must have been a massive change for them? It was. I mean, my sister says, now that she or she remembers his how great was how cold it was and how much she hated cornflakes. And I was so excited coming back from heath, and I'm sitting in the column talking to them. They said they couldn't understand a word. I was saying, so I was talking really quickly and all of a sudden they went out of Houston, lack cents about three years old. My sisters. I would have been five. And you mentioned they're sort of tinkling on the piano and enjoying French in school. You were very engaged little girl where you you like learning? I, I, I'm still do. That's why they're all these different courses every year. And we had a set of encyclopedia britannicas which kind of ubiquitous for black families in that time. And we had books on science and nature, all kinds of nonfiction books. My dad wasn't a fan of fiction books. He thought they were complete and utter waste of time. And his attitude was it's not real. It's not true. You need to live in the real world Mallory, and so he refused to buy fiction books, but he his thing was education, education, education, and reading the newspaper and learn facts. And I, I think he was wrong in the, I think I learned more about people and being able to walk in someone else's shoes and see through someone else's eyes from fiction books, and I ever did from nonfiction, let's have some more music. What on your search? Tell me about this while this is right said Fred, five minute Crippen ins. And I chose this one because this is the first song I remember listening to on the radio that made me. Love howl with laughter. And even now I defy anyone to listen to this and not have a smile on their face. Together, one gender in steady as we go. Shifted Putin even lifted where he was getting nowhere and Xiao Wei at a competency and write said, prayed, give shot the jolly up Tom jolly from the bowl below. Off this even complained in way was getting nowhere and Xiao Wei competency, Johnny. That was burned Krivine's and right said pride, you knew every single word. Well, that should be have a playlist, but we have a dinner parties, our house, we have a playlist and it's kind of soulful music clinic mix of music. But we always hope very crippling somewhere and put it on shuffle. Now you've said that when you devote ten, you realize that the world was not happy ever after. Why was that. I think my mom and dad were going through difficulties with their marriage. I mean, they spit up when I was thirteen and it was a very acrimonious split, but it was also things happening to me. I kind of walked down the vote in, I'd be I've a spat or people telling me to go back to where I came for more, and I think what Clapham gimme the bus then. So you know, it was a hard time before I kinda think most people were friendly, and then I kind of went to the opposite extreme and saw that most people weren't, and I didn't believe in happy ever asked. I wasn't seeing it reflected in my own home life and living through that. When you're in your early listen years than I, it's quite often the case that teenagers will turn in on themselves. What did you do with that sense of frustration and disappointment and angst about the world? I started keeping a diary. I didn't realize it at the time, but it was a really good way of getting into the habit of writing every day, but I pulled all my feelings into the diary. I would write stories and poems. Mostly poetry and fat, and I kind of felt called account talk to anyone about this and some of the stuff in this full of bitterness and anger. That's how I felt at the time. Were you in to Royce school? I, I never got discouraged from doing it and some of them McQuay a you. If you're not writing stories kit going, we'll we'll kind of give you feedback. So I've always had wonderful English teachers in class reunion, courage to come up to the Fronton read the might. I wrote a poem when I was in my junior school, the cool the jungle, nine member the last two lines and it wasn't particularly good, but my teacher light it and she said, oh mammy. You can meet the parents evening and she's got me to the front of the class and said, okay, Rita out then. And I stood then I wouldn't say win should call a Mallory. And I said, I don't. And she said, well, why not my said, I'm show and everyone cracks up nothing. I'm never going to write another him again, but luckily I got over it, but it was sort of horror story in the I love writing, but I didn't want to. I didn't wanna share my stuff, but it was the same. I started writing and I joined a ways into writing class and my shooter said to me, I would never read my stuff out. She'd go round and call him, and then she say, okay, I mean, it got to me, say, manager, you want to read your work and I'd say, no, thank you, not this week and every week it was. No, thank you. Not this week and after terminal hall, she got fed up with me and just look me in your and said, Monory. Do you want to be a writer? And I said, more. Than anything else in the world. And she said, well, then you can have to shit. Okay. Off the port love and everyone cracking up. Nothing on may fading kind of figured it was funny, but fading absolutely mortified, but it was the best piece of advice that ever received my love because it's one of those things about if you want to do something go for, it don't don't, you know, through a hamlet and are about just go for it. Let's have some music. Tell me about your fourth choice. What's this? Oh, well, this is the flower to it from lack may by Delhi. I used to piano lessons when I was younger and I gave them up, and then I heard this and it made me want to take up the piano again. And it is one of those songs that I hear, and it just brings a sense of calm and peace over me. The

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